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Vicky Davis

Vicky was a Computer Systems Analyst/Programmer turned Internet Researcher and writer. She received her training in computer programming in Santa Clara, California in mid 1970s. She worked primarily – but not entirely on IBM mainframe systems for large corporations and government entities. As an Internet Researcher, she continues to apply her Systems Analyst skills focusing her research on the revolution in government from the systems perspective. She has two websites, this one and the older website with lots of still relevant research: http://www.channelingreality.com

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    And you(we) aint seen nutin yet! With secrecy we won’t know all who or what is watching and controlling us. With transparency we have nothing to hide because our privacy lost and public. Our controllers (governments, businesses, elites, media, software programs, robots) continue to monitor and record our faces, voices, texts, emails, social media, location, behavior, and now our thoughts. All this will lead to any privacy we once had becoming public property, and the worthiness of ourselves being replaced by automated intelligence.

    Cc: NSA, CIA, FBI, Interpol, KGB, Rocket Man (North Korea), ……..

    The Obsolete Man http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3quruHpcuo

    You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet (That “Devil Women” will be a sexy looking robot!)

    The way we were http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NINOxRxze9k

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