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    The chorus of people and organizations screaming bloody murder that Trump pulled out of the Paris accord/treaty and the right pretends like nothing happened that might be good for the country. Both parties are way left of where they should be, I am glad that we are out of Paris, but are we really?

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      Vicky Davis

      It sounded like it at first, but then he contradicted himself. He’s willing to renegotiate it. The fact is that climate change as a function of the weather is a fraud – period, end of story.

      “Global Change” is a symbolic term that has a dual meaning. Based on my research, what it really refers to is the end of the Cold War with the Soviet Union and the anticipated societal changes as capitalism and communism merged. They talk about it in terms of a weather phenomenon because the interchangeability of the terms works really well to keep the discussion above the heads of the peasants.


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