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    The chorus of people and organizations screaming bloody murder that Trump pulled out of the Paris accord/treaty and the right pretends like nothing happened that might be good for the country. Both parties are way left of where they should be, I am glad that we are out of Paris, but are we really?

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      Vicky Davis

      It sounded like it at first, but then he contradicted himself. He’s willing to renegotiate it. The fact is that climate change as a function of the weather is a fraud – period, end of story.

      “Global Change” is a symbolic term that has a dual meaning. Based on my research, what it really refers to is the end of the Cold War with the Soviet Union and the anticipated societal changes as capitalism and communism merged. They talk about it in terms of a weather phenomenon because the interchangeability of the terms works really well to keep the discussion above the heads of the peasants.

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        Joe and Vicky You are the insane that this article implies. Anyone who grew up without air conditioning can clearly understand that it is getting hotter. Anyone that grew up near lakes can see they are disappearing. Anyone who has left the HOUSE and gone to other COUNTRIES can see seas are rising, beaches and islands are disappearing and glaciers are disappearing. ANYONE With so much as a THERMOMETER on their AUTOMOBILE who has driven from the country to the city and witness the rise in temperature can understand anthropogenic climatic warming. It is NOT complicated for people with ANY EXPERIENCE in life and common sense.

        As far as the article goes, the author writes, “Gore talks about the post-World War II Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe (financed by the American people)”
        Everyone can remember that it was the British that financed the reparations of Europe the debt of which they paid off by 2007. https://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Britain_makes_final_World_War_II_debt_payments Britain is still paying debt on WWI. This is how I knew that whatever I read after this statement would be pure nonsense.



          The people who fabricated the “climate change monster” were counting on your ignorance and superstition. It is the proverbial monster under the bed. If we do as they say, they will save us from the monster. I haven’t been a child for a long time so I’m not afraid of monsters under the bed.

          There are two definitions of the word climate – one pertains the weather in general terms such as a warmer climate around the equator. The other definition definition pertains to feelings such as the climate in the room was icy. A writer can write as if they are talking about one definition – the weather while what they are really talking about is the other – feelings. To know the difference requires that you understand the context and the perspective and interests of the writer. “Climate change” as a function of the weather is a highly useful and profitable tool for manipulation of people and because of that, it’s a useful tool for collectivization of the society – conversion to a communist, collectivist system for fun and profit (snide remark).

          I did grow up in a house without air conditioning. The span of time in your life or my life is too little to measure anything in terms of global change. You put your ignorance (as in un-educated) on full display with that statement. Tides come in and tides go out. That has to do with earth dynamics – gravity and the rotation of earth. The tides are generally associated with the moon because they are cyclical – there is a rhythm to them. It’s not always on the same – sometimes the tides are high than a previous high time.. sometimes its lower than a previous low tide. It’s the nature and dynamics of the earth itself and not anything that mankind is doing. Exception would of course be man-made islands and fill in harbors.

          As far as the water is concerned, I do believe inland bodies of water are being stolen. Water is the new blue gold. They extract water like they extract oil and ship it out via pipelines so that nobody sees what they are doing.

          As far as your comment concerning the Marshall Plan, you need to do some reading of history and you need to work on your logic. If a country is paying debts… it means they borrowed money. If you have to borrow money, you can’t lend money because you are a borrower – not a lender. Both wars cost Britain a lot of money. They didn’t have the money to rebuild their country and Europe. It’s just that simple.



            But also as far as I remember, Britain forgave Germany its war debt.

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    Climate change causes carbon. Carbon does not cause climate change. The cart is before the horse. The tail wags the dog.
    When it is cold, coal is burnt to create electricity for heating. The coal burnt forms CO2. The atmosphere heats. When it is hot, coal is burnt to create electricity for air conditioning, again forming CO2. The atmosphere cools. The process repeats heating and cooling, global warming and cooling – harmonious equilibrium. Therefore CO2 is caused by hot weather and cold weather extremes caused by winter and summer. Climate Change Misconstructs therefore need to alter their strategy and press to eliminate the seasons, not eliminate coal. The tail does not wag the dog.
    But eliminating coal generated electricity would solve nothing – it would not eliminate the seasons which is impossible anyway. That would be akin to the egg laying the chicken, when quite obviously the chicken laid the egg. Akin to putting the cart before the horse. A case of “If my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle.”
    Some say, “The boid is on the wing” but that’s absoid. Everybody knows the wing is on the boid.
    A well oiled bicycle has become a well boiled icicle. Totally absurd.

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    When I can find it, I intend to place a long script on global warming from an Australian point of view. Unfortunately I’ll have to type it all again. Maybe I can photograph and then copy it.


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