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    At least 195 nations, the far majority of scientists, climatologists, and meteorologists, agree that climate change which includes global warming is made worse by human activities. It’s a pretty simple concept, based on the earth is a biosphere, like a fish bowl, that traps air, heat, cold, pollution, and just about everything else on earth, by inward gravitational pull. With the combined population growth and polluting/heat-creating technology, we are altering the natural course of our climate. Pollutants trap heat, but they also block sunlight, so we humans are contributing to global warming AND global cooling, or to better clarify it: climate change. It’s not only theoretical, but also logical and factual. Technology and movement causes friction which adds to heat. The more heat, the more water vapor is created, therefore more smog (polluted water vapor) blocking the sun, so there is a constant battle between warming and cooling. Larger high and low pressures change the climate as some areas face extreme drought while others face extreme flooding. The more people, the more pollution, the more friction, the more temperature variations, the more pressure. Look what happens when low pressures or temps mix with high pressures or temps: deadly tornadoes hitting us on Christmas for just one example. Oregon has just had record rains, California record snows after record droughts, 100s of cities shattering heat records, while the earth just had the hottest years ever recorded. Now that said, most Democrats and the Left don’t seem to understand that population growth is a root cause of the above problems, as they support massive immigration to the USA and Europe. They bring high-birthrate muslims there and we bring in high-birthrate Catholics from south of our border, as both flee the problems overpopulation caused where they came from (poverty, wars, crime, environmental degradation, malnutrition, disease). Their (Dems & Left) answer is to make more laws against people in order to have more people. Carpool lanes, no-idling cars, no fireplace fires, stricter smog checks, no washing car with hose, more off-road vehicle restrictions, and hundreds of other laws to control people just to pile in more destructive people stacked on top of each other in apartments. Unfortunately human behavior is destructive as people trash, burn, and destroy this once pristine world. The more people, the more environmental destruction. Without the EPA, BLM, and other agencies to save our environment from our harm, we the people would have already made this world much more toxic with more severe weather and droughts than it is. Sadly most democrats can’t see that since we have so many harmful people causing so much damage that we need to limit the population of them. Donald Trump has the best answer in his immigration plan: to keep them out of this nation. Al Gore and his kind brought the 3rd-World here by the millions as Obama still is. Only Trump, Cruz, or Santorum can help save us; all the rest of the Crats and RINOs are worthless. So at least we pretty much agree that the Crats and Left, including Al Gore, are part of the problem here. We need true conservatives to run things, who know how to conserve our environment.

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      I give no quarter to any of the doctrine of global warming and climate change because it isn’t about the weather. It’s about totalitarian control of people in a technocratic tyranny. Until all of the psycho freaks are beaten back down into the hell from which they came, I won’t write a single word about protecting the environment because that plays right into their hands. I don’t care how many pitiful people or animals or anything they use to manipulate the weak-minded. I won’t be manipulated like that. My single priority is stop the totalitarian psychopaths. That’s it. That’s all.


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