Most of Debbie’s research is simply passed informally in emails to fellow researchers and activists but when she produces a finished product, you won’t find any better, more thorough research on the internet.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Unraveled by Debra K. Niwa     (pdf)
Beyond IB Puffery  

Stalin’s Education Policy – Notes, D. Niwa

Spotlight on TUSD’s Raza/Mexican-American Studies – sup to link below
TUSD’s “classical showpiece of Marxist oriented indoctrination”

Tucson Schools Text:  Message-to-Atzlan  –  Marxist training in American schools
TUSD Board Meeting – Parent reading some of text to Board Members

Social Engineering  (A Treasure Trove)

NCEE/Race to the Top Assessment – Narrative
NCEE/Race to the Top Assessment – Appendix  (large pdf)

PRNewswire – Article State Board Examination System

Department of Peace:  Pulpit for Peddlers of Global Government?

Joe Biden and the New World Order

S.787 – Changes the definition of water in the United States

Email Notes:  The Give Act  3/29/2009

International Baccalaureate

111 Congress – Legislation Introduced as of 1/26/2009.  D. Niwa


Timeline to the North American Union (pdf)

Carving a Path to [North American]  Regional Governance

NAFTA Superhighway Memory Hole (pdf)

NAFTA Highway – History in Bulletins

No NAU Flyer (pdf)

Redefining Education for Global Citizenship

NCRVE Polytechnical Education by Robert H. Beck  (pdf)

Tangled Web by Joe Esposito

Who’s Who Map of Connections by Joe Esposito

Tangled Web – Update by Joe Esposito

SCANS Reports

Canadian Free Press
by Judy McCleod

Welcome to the no man’s land of the ‘North Americanist’


The work of dedicated researchers exposing NAU roots has been invaluable. Every citizen who thinks borders really matter owes a debt of gratitude to masterful researcher Debra K. Niwa.

How fitting that a little known researcher, whose work is destined to launch a grassroots revolution, started by questioning the policies and changes occurring in the school district in Tucson, Arizona where her son was enrolled. Niwa cut her teeth devoting thousands of hours researching local, state, federal and global school reform issues, as well as actively advocating for academic quality in education.

With the instincts of a detective, she works her way through the paper maze, patiently gleaning the information that matters most for the rest of us.

Debbie Niwa is destined to go down in history as the Patron Saint of Patriots.

Her paper, The Emerging North American Union (NAU) released on Jan. 12, 2007 chronicles the NAU from its cryless birth.

It’s Happening Here! Blogspot
Steven Yates


Brilliant New Guide to the Emerging North American Union

A writer I was previously unfamiliar with, Debra K. Niwa, has compiled a tremendous guide to the emerging North American Union. Her package has five parts: a reproduction of H.C.R. 487, an extensive timeline going back to 1921 (the year the Council on Foreign Relations was founded), a reproduction of the Declaration of the Presidents of America of 1967, a reading list in addition to an extensive list of endnotes for the timeline, and a membership list of the 110th Congress, now in session.

This is a definitive contribution to the growing literature on the slow submerging of the U.S. (and what little remains of Constitutional controls on government) into a North American Union. Niwa presents compelling evidence not just that we are seeing the early stages of a North American superstate–called by its proponents a North American Community–but that this process has been going on all-but-unnoticed (and certainly not reported by the mainstream media, obviously) for most of the past century.

1899 Hague Peace Conference

This page is a temporary repository of Debbie’s work carried over from my old website.  My intention is to properly format a page for this work.

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