Industry Capture of Government Leading to Systemic Failure

Global Communist System – Control the people through the Environment and Public Health which is a function of the environment.

Global Health by Way of Public Health

The Human Genome Initiative

In 1985, DOE began planning the Human Genome Initiative to develop research tools for molecular genetics…DOE considered the initiative an extension of its ongoing work in molecular biology-largely focused on detecting mutations and other biological effects of radiation and energy production-that would take advantage of research staff and instruments located at the national laboratories, which are funded by DOE, DOE held several public meetings to discuss the technical possibilities. The first of these was a workshop held in March 1986 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.” Page 12

Although the official date for the Human Genome Project is 1990, it actually began in 1988 with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health.4

The Human Genome Project

DNA is the instruction set for life.2 The variety of life forms and the variety within species is the result of the organization and functioning of DNA within our cells. Unlocking the secrets of DNA is the holy grail of the biological sciences and actually, of mankind itself.

Management of Population Pools for Medical Research

In 1993, when for the first time in history, the first lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton attempted to become actively involved in the operation of government in a policy making capacity, it was to write legislation for a project to redesign our health care system. The lead analyst working with Hillary Clinton was Ira Magaziner. According to an article on Ira Magaziner in Slate Magazine, Bill Clinton formed the task force in the first month of his presidency . . . 

eHealth Initiative: IBM and Dr. Mengele – Together Again

It is a new form of medicine. We prevent the progression of disease using IT prediction and prevention tools coupled with personalized genomic medicine. We’re doing a project at Mayo now with IBM which allows us to link the capabilities of knowing the genetics of each persons background along with their behavioral and environmental factors . . .

Health System Redesign to Facilitate Manhattan Project 2.0

Public Health

Public Health and Refugee Resettlement

Global Health

Medical Health Care System

Public Health - Global Health

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