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    ” The role of governments around the world is to nurture the GII by establishing policies that support and encourage private sector initiatives…” it is? That’s weird, I don’t remember reading that in any of my sociology textbooks – but anyway, back to the point: ““Four! Hundred! Million! Dollars!” he shouted, in July, to city residents in Bronson Park, a leafy plaza adorned with bronze busts and plaques honoring pioneers and philanthropists.

    Anonymous donors had just given what is thought to be the largest-ever gift to support a municipality, and for city officials, it felt like winning the lottery. It was also a win for two of Kalamazoo’s richest men, philanthropists William Parfet and William Johnston, who created the foundation that received the money and that will determine how most of it is spent.” < copy paste from source link. OK now imagine any town with a "de-funded" police department and imagine the residents of said town pooling together their own funds for a new, completely privately funded law enforcement group. Imagine instead of the residents doing so but a foundation (usually with a catchy homey name, like "Any Town Residents For De-funding Police Department" now do you catch the drift? Vicky one thing that protects us from corporate or tyrannical or sovereign rule, I mean we as American individual persons is our government that we made, as Americans, and we swore to uphold each and every rule we created "by the people, for the people". By the way it was from your writings in (Vicky's old & wonderful site, readers, in case you didn't know) I learnt Mussolini defined fascism is corporatism. Corporations don't give you your Constitutional Right. I think a lot of people see all this private investment as a good thing, or a bad thing, but I think most people won't understand the ramifications of corporate rule until it's too late.


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