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    Jeez. Vicky- this is so damning- I am physically in Arizona, and a customer of this APS (our utility) and I have heard of Suncor. I had no idea of ANY of this, and even had I known, I was unaware until now of the 1935 PUCHA law “************** a utility company. And what was a utility company doing developing homes through a holding company when the 1935 PUCHA law prevented utility companies from owning holding companies for unrelated businesses”*******************. By the way, how would you have known of it, VIcky?? I know your mind is a steel trap, but that’s a thing I don’t think is commonly known. I’m VERY worried- not so much of what is happening, but that nobody seems to heed the alarms. If enough persons actually comprehended what is going on, enough right persons- we could stop this. We’d at least have a fighting chance. Maybe we do?? Can we actually change it? Maybe we have tried- maybe we’re outgunned. I don’t know. Thanks VIcky. Keep well, we need you. And don’t fall!

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      How did I know about PUCHA of 1935? It’s hard to say. I read a lot of things when I’m researching. I also worked for the largest utility company in NY State (probably the country) on their cost accounting system for outside plant fixed assets – installed materials. They had to keep a record of every run of wire, conduit, box, etc plus the cost of labor, etc. because electricity pricing was highly regulated – cost plus a margin. That’s why utilities were a safe investment – there were no surprises and the income was stable. I was told that the Vice President of the Cost Accounting division whose system I worked on, wrote the book on utility service pricing that was the industry standard for a lot of years.

      I also followed the Enron arbitrage investigation after their stock imploded and they’d robbed electric utility ratepayers in Southern California. In about 2005, I watched the Senate debate on repealing PUHCA. I’ve never seen a Senator so desperate and flustered as Senator Pete Domenici was when he was arguing for passage of the bill. He was sweating profusely and he was nervous as hell. He couldn’t even formulate a good argument – what he was saying was nonsensical. Since the repeal was in 2005 and by that time, the developments that APS was building all over the west had to have begun prior to 2005 so they were in violation of the Act when they established the holding company that building the homes.

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    PS- I forgot to say my piece on Outcome Based Standards, and how they ” want to substitute outcome-based rules for technology-based standards” – does this actually quantify- if that’s the word, those buildings and everything that went nowhere in Idaho?? That is, it’s no more profits to hope for, but “technology standards”?? is that right? Someone explain to me, how two and two aren’t to make four, but 3? This is akin to denying the laws of thermodynamics. Vicky your prediction about us going back to the 7th century may not be so fantastically impossible. I think that’s where we’re headed- we’re going to have the Ottoman Empire all over again, an empire of great minds! Libraries! where no one does anything except smoke and talk about all the great things and outer space, and be in a desert where everything one eats, drinks, everything is imported. That’s a failure, total failure.

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      Vicky Davis

      The idea of outcome-based standards is to allow “market creativity” in solving the problem. Rather than the government mandating a particular solution to get to net zero for example, they tell the car companies, we want net zero emissions by some year in the future. They then let the car companies figure out how to do that. There is a lot of room for psychopathy between an outcome-based standard and a mandated solution.

      The other day I went to the grocery story. There was no salvation army bell ringer and pot. There was just a box with a slot and a sign that said for over 90 years the salvation army has provided service to people in need in Twin Falls. That hurt my heart. It was the first time in my lifetime of memories that the Salvation Army wasn’t there ringing the bell. Obviously, the Salvation Army was severely damaged by the announcement that they required their executive and managers to receive CRT Training. My reaction when I heard that was **** them, I’ll never again give them a donation. Recalling the Boy Scouts and what was done to them, it occurred to me perhaps that was an intentional attack on the Salvation Army to put them out of business? Did they trade all of the small donations for one very large donation with strings – CRT a requirement? I don’t but one thing for sure, it’s another piece of American tradition destroyed.

      You’re right. Why is nobody doing anything about this? The American political establishment are the biggest traitor coward scumbags in the history of the world – except perhaps for the Vichy French who cooperated with Hitler when he invaded France.

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    G@damit Vicky- came to clarify my mistake “profit”- I meant to write “Results”-& not ‘profit’. I get the tech-based vs outcome based. Your explanation is very good. This is my Second Writing of this reply, as my morning comment went Poof! Here we go again. Just as an aside, Vicky, why aren’t you teaching at one of the world’s universities? I can see your being featured as a guest speaker on loan from some Scandinavian University, or even Oxford- there are some very smart people out of there. Ok so that paper was particularly fascinating. It was read again this morning, the part you’ve explained (and so well!) in your reply, oh my gosh- they are like the Vichy very much so and we ARE occupied by Nazis- Fascists, “corporatists”. The whole movement going on today, the social one, reminds me of the blood lust of the horrible criminals that murdered those kind, decent people the Royals, how are the French any better each era a new socialist regime. Who was it, who said something along the lines of out of the French women we get the world’s socialists? Vicky I wish everyone would read that Green & Law paper. It’s a stupid idea to demand say Zero emissions by year 202-something, or half of output in emissions by ?? date. It’s like telling an ice cream man Hey! you’re to drive your ice cream truck around, but you can’t put 3*(%Y blah blah carbon in the air past 5pm. Ice cream man can’t drive around AND make money at his capitalist business, oh maybe if I were to delegate the cone delivery to Uber and Grubhub oh HEY Presto, lah dee dah let the dumbs who drive Grubhub deal with those emissions. Is that how it works? I get the feeling that’s what they’re doing, too. OH gosh my emissions, hm maybe if I send this manufacturing to crapistan they can deal with the carbon, not me, and I get to keep my company. Just to make sure everybody knows, you can NOT not have industry (manufacturing really) and prosper, in fact, it won’t survive. America is losing, has lost it.


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