The Hard Road to the New World Order is Literally a Road

Highways to NAFTA Superhighways

Jurisdiction and Infrastructure

Ports for the Storms of Treason

Pathway to Dissolution of the United States

Weaponized Infrastructure

West Germany & Japan: Technology for Cars & Roads

Technology Vision

Technology for Highways

Turning the Tables: Convergence of Timelines


Military and DOJ “Cooperation”

National Dismemberment By the Global Raj

Stepping Stones of Treason By Treaty

The Technology War Machine

Communism Through the Back Door

Common Resolve: Forced Open Regionalism

The Invisible Fist: Military in the Context of Everything Else

Say It Ain’t So…

Elaine Chao in Context

Conversion to State Capitalism

Pirates, Ports and Treason

It’s a Cookie Cutter World

TFI Report
The story of Greece’s colonization by China and it’s fight for liberation

Dying for Global Systems of Technocratic Tyranny





Deadly Embrace

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