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    Extreme anti-terror activity where no threat of terror exists.
    I can’t quite figure whether this is like a fire truck with filled water tank racing madly to an out of control bushfire, only to find no bushfire exists because it was a hoax call, OR whether it is like a brand new fire truck racing madly to a bushfire that does exist, proud men ready for action with a purpose, sleeves rolled up, unrolling the water hoses, turning on the gatevalves, starting the diesel engne to run the centrifugal pump – only to find the operator of the brand new equipment has forgotten to put water in the tank. And maybe even no fuel in the diesel pump fuel tank.
    The best scenario to save all the embarrassment would be for the Firetruck to run out of fuel on the way, correct that deficiency, then onto the pump engine fuel tank deficiency, and then finally find no water on board, then correct that deficiency, get the call before breakfast on an empty stomach, and then find no fire exists because a few nearby residents extinguished it with a bucket of water, that was leaking, but held on enough to get to the fire.


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