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    When you see a sign that says Koalas Crossing, that means all the koalas along that section of road have been destroyed paving the way for development. Same with brush wallabies. When you see a destroyed forest you know that it has been environmentally sustained, by the signs placed that say “Sustainable Pole Supply”, to appease us and assuage their own guilt. Nothing is left there except stumps of a wiped out forest where untouched forest stood before on steep roadside inclines and hills. Diesel and spent oil from dozers are drained and spilled at sides of roads on top notch volcanic soils. Beautiful wren and firefly habitats are sprayed to kill the tangled lantana habitat they thrive in and get cover in. No mor.e blue wrens and fireflies on my property roadside strip. Meanwhile property owners are disallowed to remove a sapling that has attained 8 ft. Of course difficult to police but fined extravagantly if caught.
    By writing down the opposite, they do nothing, just write aggrandized words that expunge their guilt while employing the regional council workers paid to poison and wreck the environment. Their words really mean spray, doze, chainsaw and spoil – called management. It is all disguised Xmas packaged propaganda. Tar and cement is the reality of ‘sustainable development’. They know no other way except to tabulate high sounding officialese such as, Cnnvene, aspire, establish, encourage, exemplify, enhace, create and notwithstand. In a word they’re full of it, up themselves and useless.
    The ‘regional’ magnified council area in which I abide has a cutout from the Agenda 21 motif of overlapping circles. Like 1/9th of it cut from the centre and enlarged. The nine areas between the overlapping circle segments represent nine councils merged into a region. Asked about the Agenda 21 Biopsy of the logo, I get the stupid, quanderous, stung, perplexed look of a stunned mullet from council staff who obviously have never heard of Agenda 21. And Councils, regional or otherwise, are not even constitutional in Australia. I know because a referendum was held to address that. It failed miserably. Australians if asked are not very trusting of authoritarian change. That is why the trick is to not ask them, just do a ‘snow job’ on them. Snow job meaning – pull a swify over them.
    We should be protected from such as occupy universities , and regional councils, administering socialist edicts with pompous air from the UN. A few brown snakes should be released into their repugnant sterile offices, so they can learn the meaning of ‘excitement’.

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      A ‘snow job’ means – ‘pull a swifty’ over them. Don’t know whether generally in use in America as in Australia.

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        We use the same phrase for the same purpose here 🙂

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      That’s what they did in the Ukraine as they were converting to communism. A professor in Soviet Politics told us that they killed as many starlings as they could because they thought they were eating the farmers seeds. They weren’t of course. Communists are destroyers of people and the environment.

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        Of course communists are destroyers, killers. It’s even written in the Bible! ”
        The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy”.
        I liked Peter’s “Koala Crossing” analogy. Here in Phoenix we have “Sustainable Living” apartment complexes sprouting up on every corner. Sustainable? They are expensive and very cramped living quarters. Residents are forced to utilize coin laundry or those apartment size (read- useless) machines that fit into a slot in a closet.What’s sustainable or ecological about tens of electric dryers running full power all day?
        I am in a house, I can hang dry my garments and bed clothes in the sun. Sun sanitizing- free dry. I can grow my own produce, I can have a goat, chickens if I want. Can’t do in apartments. They have to drive to the car wash, because you can’t wash your car in apartment lots. There’s nothing earth saving about multi-family dwellings. The corporations who had them built get government grants.Peter’s Koala Crossing reminds me of their phony “green” self-congratulatory b.s.


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