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      Vicky Davis

      That’s quite an article. It will take some time to refresh my memory on the issues brought forward in the article. Thank you for posting it.

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    SUPER talk on Roy Potter’s today, Sept. 7th Vicky! You are on the money and so I thought I would send you this and what is happening in Europe, for ex: 5G & in the USA certainly

    ITS A LONG VIDEO but I found quite true, I know, as I saw Motorola, settle out of court “quietly” for brain cancer and more from RF, now 5G as they heavily spoke about at DAVOS, and likely Bilderberg.

    Thought I would pass this to you.

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      Vicky Davis

      Thank you Bliss and thank you for the video link. I’ve only done surface level scanning on 5G information because I know it’s going to be very upsetting. So many things that are happening today I wonder, Is there anybody minding the store? Can corporations and billionaires just do any damn thing they want even if it means people are going to be injured and possibly die .. and for what? to cut a few nano seconds off a transaction? The illogic of it and the psychopathy of it sets me on tilt and I try to avoid that 🙂


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