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    Douglas Fletcher

    It is truly amazing how any one person could retain this much information in their mind and synthesize it into one article which logically links all components together. (If you doubt this, look at the references cited in the “About the Author” section which went into this one article.) Even the “composite” article is quite complicated and may be hard for people to follow. Nevertheless, for the average person going through everyday life, we encounter many things which happen almost every day which make no sense to us, and make many or most of us angry. But even for the few who do understand, what do we do about it? That is the 64 dollar question!

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      Mr Fletcher that’s what I just adore about Vicky. She can take all of this in and manages to translate it all – like the Univac computer in “Desk Set”, she comes to conclusions.

      About this sentence “…skilful endeavour to present a picture of events and of history, as purely episodic” I have been trying to convince people of this, that these current and former events in the news are all connected. You can kind of figure out most of it just by looking at the ends, you know, not the means but the ends. Ask Who Benefits as in follow the money. What has helped me greatly is just reading United Nations own websites. You have to be very wary of their double speak, and you will need some kind of thesaurus that defines their words vs how we, or a dictionary would define them. They use this language trick to keep us in the dark yet simultaneously claiming that they didn’t hide anything, it’s out there in the open. For instance, what does “Empowerment” mean? What does “Women’s Health” mean? and so on. When you read the UN’s goals, you can pretty much figure out the why where and how’s of things- the smart cars, smart highways. Refugees and immigration. UN wants free, open borders AND what they call “income equality” ahem. So, there’s your refugee question right there. The media keeps pushing this agenda as being motivated by potential future Democrat voters! I don’t buy it for one second. It’s about income equality- that is, world’s poorest (read: dumbest/most unskilled most uneducated) getting some of our First World money. UN wants everyone on the same playing field that is everyone impoverished and a select group at the top, doing all the heavy lifting via their giant brains. See, our brains are too small leave the big thinking for them. And they want everything controllable trackable and so on, there’s this Technocracy question answered. They want all the rural areas kept free from human beings. I think they are responsible at least in part for the California fires. Here is an unpopular suspicion of mine- that the UN is responsible for 9/11.

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        So you hold that ‘all men are not created equal’ which is in complete disharmony with what your Constitution holds.
        Therefore, it should be asked, who wrote this into the Constitution from the outset, so that it comes in useful for today, to put all people on an equal footing paywise and possessions wise. Some elevated beyond their wildest dreams, others relegated to seeming poverty by comparison.
        A lot of give and take going on there.
        Still waters run deep, and it seems this has been in the offing for a long time. Noble words laced with arsenic, for when the time comes.
        The time is today. In earlier days Americans fell for its noble deceptions and will pay for it today.


          Vicky Davis

          Peter, the Constitution is a framework for law. All men are created equal UNDER THE LAW. Only a lunatic would claim that all people are equally endowed by their created with personal – physical and intellectual attributes.

          We do have a lot of lunatics in this country – mostly in the systems of education and politics.



            Yes, that is found in the 14th Amendment where all states must apply the equal protection of the law to all (my words).
            But the idea that all men are created equal was written by Thomas Jefferson in The Declaration of Independence, conferring on all men, life, linerty and the pursuit of happiness. This owner of more than two hundred slaves, must have include the word liberty with some kind of amusement.
            Nevertheless, thanks for the correction.
            US District Court Judge Arenda L Wright Allen in Eastern Virginia got it wrong too.
            From other googled bits of information it comes across that the American Constitution is somehow supposed to enshrine the ideas of the Declaration of Independence.
            “The Declaration of Independence, . . . . Set forth the ideas and principles behind a just and fair government, and the Constitution outlined how this government would function.”

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      The solution is outside of this arena. But you are getting the right dope and asking the right question. When the answer that exists is found, a few can be a potent remedy.

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    The Pingback article repeats most of this with the author as Vcky Davison. I left a corrective comment.
    The ‘crusade weapon’. Says everything.

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      Vicky Davis

      I’ll mention it to him. He’s a long time friend. He used to re-post the entire article but now just posts part of it with a link back.

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    Vicky Davis

    Peter, Thomas Jefferson was not conferring a damn thing on anybody. The Declaration of Independence was declaring the principles and the objectives of declaring their independence from the crown.

    My memory is a little hazy, but wasn’t Australia settled by Crown prisoners? And weren’t those prisoners put to work in the service (of the Crown until their sentence was complete? That was slavery.

    Also, the Royal Navy would simply kidnap men they found on shore and put them to work on their ships. That was slavery.

    In Africa and the Middle East – that’s where the slave trade originated I believe.

    When the United States was settled, there was slavery ALL OVER THE GOD DAMN WORLD. It was not a phenomenon unique to America. Even the Indians of North America would capture members of other tribes and would make them slaves.

    As you might have guessed by now, I’m pretty sick and tired of hearing about slavery. There is no a person in the United States living today who lived under the system of slavery. We fought a war to end it.

    It ended. It’s over – except in the Middle east where it is coming back. If you have comments and criticisms about slavery perhaps you should find a Middle Eastern website and complain to them about it.


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