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    Douglas Fletcher

    This is an amazing analysis of what has happened to our government. I do not doubt the conclusions of Vicky Davis, and if i am correct, this makes her brilliant far beyond the ability of probably most persons with extensive legal training and/or position. At the same time, it is depressing to know that the American people will probably not be able to deal with the consequences of lawmakers and interpreters who have derailed our constitution and our entire legal system to the extent they have, since almost no one even realizes it. One only needs to look at what has emerged from agencies such as the FBI and Justice Department since the last federal election in November 2016 to realize something has gone terribly wrong within our government. If these problems are not realized and corrected by the end of 2018 I think it spells the end for America as we have known it

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      Amazing, indeed Mr Fletcher. Vicky Davis has a gift of discernment and logical deductive reasoning that is not only a very rare type of genius, but even more rare to find it in women. One woman I can give as an example of having this gift is Dayle Hinman, FB profiler who is a bit of a celebrity from her being on those crime investigation tv shows some years back (off topic but I also admire her for is she would wear smart skirts or dresses all the time). Vicky says she got her genius from her training as a systems analyst, well she has a remarkable skill of writing too, and she can take the dullest, most pedantic miasma of esoteric writing that I feel are designed to obfuscate the real designs that are the topic of the writing as in, say, the author(s) is presenting some ostensible goals. Vicky manages to translate that dull, long writing. changing the ostensible/stated goals into the real goals, all the while making it fascinating to read. She doesn’t just “tell you” she provides documentation and as my dad says “Memory like a steel trap”. When you have that, you can put together almost anything.

      I want to ask if you’ve visited her other site? “”? I ask because there’s a piece there concerning the FBI and how they’ve been co-opted Very interesting. You can also go to her site and just enter in the search box “FBI” and there is even more.



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        Vicky Davis

        Thanks Kristin, checks in the mail 🙂

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      Vicky Davis

      Thank you Doug. That’s very kind of you to say.

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    Let’s examine the word ‘esoteric’.

    Here is the Concise Oxford definition: esoteric – adjective, (Of philosophical doctrines etc.) meant only for the initiated; (of disciples) initiated; private, confidential. Gk. Eso – within.

    There is an esoteric dimension to all this. This is the part that cannot be seen. Vicky is diligent and digs up what can be seen and documents her findings. Her evaluation of what is going on behind the scenes from her gut instinct is pretty spot on too. But her evaluation is what cannot be documented and can not be found in hard official print. Illegal immmigrants also remain undocumented, that’s how to get round the system.

    Can not be found in hard print, because it is not for our eyes to see. And they are not stupid enough to tempt Murphy’s law, whereby if it is there so it is possible to be found, it will be found fallen into the wrong hands. So these architects of what is to be found, only print faux secrets that are designed to be found for you to believe in profoundly, like being ‘accidentally’ left behind in a phone booth.
    The ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ is one such inadvertent find. It is said whoever wrote them shaped the history of the twentieth century, even if not the Jews. Then the organization that printed them to be found in three accidentally left behind places, owned up and apologized publicly (radio news but not in print) to being the author of them, to point the finger away from themselves onto the Jews, which is called ‘projection’. This organization that wrote the Protocols of Zion as confessed, according to some convicted by their own words, must have shaped the history of the twentieth century. Including the crime of the century – the assassination of JFK. Curiously, the man of the century was Pope John the 23rd, but he was not the one in office in 1963. But the question begs.

    The content of ‘what is to be found’ is designed to mislead, and everybody is left pursuing the elusive ‘carrot’.
    If anything pertaining to reality is to be printed, documented, or even classified, it is dressed up as something good and palatable, like ice in a cold drink containing slivers of glass for the unfortunate drinker. The gullible mainstream media then sells the deception which is swallowed as our very own derived and carefully considered public opinion.

    Those initiated, alone are privy in an infinitesimal way, somewhat exposed to the secret, deep or hidden things. These words compose the meaning of ‘occult’. No deviantly smart boss would entrust the big picture to the puny brain of John Kerry. Such are in allegiance to an oath that greatly supercedes any allegiance to their country. John F Kennedy was quite the reverse.

    The only way to perceive the esoteric goings on of the higher ‘mind over matter’ dimension of the hidden mind dictating the plot behind the observable physical matter of infrastructure, without taking the initiate oath of treason, loyal to the NWO architecture, and dissolving of all subservient oaths of allegiance to puppet underlings – is to examine the light that shines through the darkness of the occult. Only one source.
    But the projectionists have seen fit beforehand to see to it that such are labelled unhinged, so masterful is their plot and their preparedness for anything.
    Religion is the opiate of the masses, that keeps their minds tied up (latin, ligo – to bind) from seeing and perceiving the truth. A dark glass that disallows light.

    Example of esoteric. European Union conceived 25th March 1957 at the Rome treaty, nine months before the 25th December, 1957, when Ol’ Nick goes down the sooty chimney that should be fired up at that time of year in the USA to come to you at his second Advent bearing gifts for that merry feast of mirth. Annunciationapolis (Annapolis) in Washington DC observes the same day for Annunciationapolis (Annapolis) Day, in Mary’s Land.

    The deep things, or secret things of Satan, tidied up as Lucifer, Latin for the Virgin Mary, known in Latin as Star of the East (O Lucifer Oriens), the morning star and Venus. Revelation 2:24, Isaiah 14:12(Lucifer/Venus)/14:14(Assumption).

    Who is Ephraim (a known particular homogeneous people) here? [Ephraim means ‘fruitful’. Was he a ‘fruiterer’ ? Or just ‘fruity’ in the head?]
    Ephraim herds the wind, and pursues the east wind all day long. (The word ‘west’ is hidden.)
    Hints: Which way does the east wind blow? Which country is identified with the saying “Go west young man” ?
    Where is Alaska in relation to Canada and the ‘west’?
    Could the USA be called the ‘land of the setting sun’?
    Which direction does the sun set? Which way do cowboys ride at the end of Hollywood Westerns?
    Which way did the wind billowing in the sails take the Mayflower?
    Who became a Republic?
    Who got themselves mingled (e pluribus unum – which deceiver speaks Latin?) with the nations to their detriment weakening themselves financially, so their strength is spent, with grey hair showing their old age as a nation nearing its end?

    Okay, I know much of this is provocative. But if anyone can clue onto the answer, it will most likely be Vicky.
    And if she can see this as somewhat explanatory of esoteric phenomena, maybe as knowledge enabling the solution, then why disregard it?

    ‘Esoteric’ reflects like a mirror an undisputed divine right to rule absolutely, that is evident everywhere, and when everything is in place (by chicanery) all the people shall be made to see it, and bow.

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      All of the occult, secret society stuff is interesting and the philosophical questions – do you exist? Do I really exist? are frankly not very useful except as thinking exercises. What I write about – the Systems of our society are real. They are defined by government agencies and they affect our lives in a very real way.

      Systems involve organization, process and procedure. Once established, Systems grow. That’s like a law of nature. Our society and way of life is comprised of an untold number of systems. When the Berlin Wall came down and communism was unleashed on the world (forget what the mainstream media said – they are liars and/or stupid people), the socialist/communists (I don’t care what you call them), plan to integrate the two economic systems together kicked into a GO. Conversion of big systems does not occur with the snap of fingers. It takes strategic planning and incremental steps towards milestones. It’s an iterative process of change – always advancing towards the ultimate objective.

      In this case, I knew what the ultimate objective was a long time ago but what I know in my mind doesn’t help anybody else to understand. Anybody who has worked on big systems –
      constructing, de-constructing and rebuilding systems would understand the same as I did if they spent the time to seek out the information like I did.

      As to motivation of the people who are trying to destroy our world, I think you could simply run down the list of known motivations that move all people to action – money, power, survival.

      I don’t believe the nation-state form is obsolete. I’m not sure it will ever be obsolete because people are not all the same. People are different and they choose to live in different ways by different sets of rules. If they are forced to live under one set of rules defined by corporate systems designers it will be the end of humanity; the end of creativity; the end of natural man. The spirit will die.

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        Peter and Vicky- the esoteric stuff IS indeed in print. The stuff is not only in print, it’s overt. They (UN/globalist agenda) is proud of their construct and wish us all to buy into it. They present their initiatives in gushing terms. When I said esoteric, I meant it literally- as they understand the “verbiage” (for want of a better word) ostensibly presenting humanitarianism, ‘equality’, ‘diversity’ (quotes intentional here – sarcasm) and other such appearances of goodness and light. In fact, let’s take a look- shall we? The UN is behind all of this refugee and migration stuff, as they claim they want to “End Poverty In All Its Forms Everywhere” How can they achieve that? Why, by moving entire populations from the planets’ worst nations to the planet’s best nation. “Facilitate orderly, safe, regular and responsible migration and mobility of people, including through the implementation of planned and well-managed migration policies ” < There's more, but that's just a snippet of one of their targets.
        I'd like to ask the suits at UN why those countries ARE so impoverished. They'll dazzle the interviewer with science-y sounding data about "climate" and "population problems" and "tariffs" and other such big-sounding stuff. If you replace we citizens in this country with the 3rd world, I guarantee you this country will become the 3rd world. These peoples won't magically transform into culturally 1st world citizens through osmosis. These people aren't initiators, they are laborers. Americans made this country what it is. Not illiterate 7th century imams, but brilliant Western thinking gentlemen. The Eastern world/culture is as far removed from the first world is as Mars is from the Moon.

        A good book for anyone to read to get informed as to why the West became technologically, culturally and in all ways much more advanced than the 3rd world (or 'East') is because of our Judeo-Christian culture and belief system. A good book The Victory of Reason: How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism, and Western Success
        by Rodney Stark // there's another I can't think of the title, but it's by an Indian man- something along the lines of "How the West was Won: how Christianity formed.." something or other.

        There seems to be a whole army of folks in the online community that like to point to bizarre hidden occult conspiracies behind the world change. Some blame "the Jews" (oh if only they had so much power!) Kenny, why not take a real look at exactly what is changing (say, initiatives, laws, progressive agendas) HOW it is changing- and who/what is behind it? It's not hard to find at all. Vicky presents it very well, and puts it in plain English and with documentation to back it up. No subjective opinion just deductions based on logic.

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    All: Very good fuel for me to do some brainstorming with my grain-fed & radiation soaked brain! I’ll say this Kristin, I have used logic, studied facts & theories, and been there done that more than most believe. I am an aspiring “Realist” and I try to be so to the best I can.

    I like to look at all sides, theories, faiths (via 6 senses?), facts, and logic, to make my best guess as to what is real and what isn’t. I don’t claim to be the brightest (old school incandescent) bulb there is, but I haven’t given up trying. One “law” I would like to “change” is the Amendment 14 anchor baby law. Trump wants to change it but doesn’t have the support. Really all we need to do is interpret it the right way and then we wouldn’t need to award citizenship to babies born from illegal aliens or tourists overstaying their visas. That’s what really tears alien families apart, is the misinterpretation of babies born in the USA under amendment 14.

    I can say that the UN is dangerous because they represent the most dangerous form of species to ever roam our planet: the homo sapiens, in a one-world order way. Our own government is dangerous because it represents “We The People” of the same species.

    Besides the UN, we also better worry a lot about the elites, monopolies, bankers, and the robots they are creating to replace humans. We better worry more about privacy instead of just taking it for granted. Even our own government (aka “We The People”) is/are STILL supporting the alien invasion and racist orgs as I assume you know. Jeff Bezos, now worth over $105 Billion and gaining fast, just donated $33 million (what he makes per hour) to help the DACA illegal aliens. George Soros donated about the same ($30+ million) to Black Lives Matter. Bill Gates donated $14 million to La Raza. And on and on. It’s part of a Ponzi-like scheme creating another bubble to burst. Population growth via “diversity” (forget about Whites and Native Americans).

    All, please listen to the music videos I sent in my 1st comment above. I’m not saying they are anything special or different than what we have been discussing, but listen to the words and you will know that many of us (Music Hippies) have known what is coming for a long time now. I take what you all say very seriously, but I also like to have a bit of fun too, and love music.

    Warning: Another government shutdown looming this week!? Wolf, Wolf? Wisdom tells me that the missile warning in Hawaii should be a wakeup call to many deadly coming problems!



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