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    Looks like China’s new connection to the Muslim world! China, Pakistan, Middle East, India, all need better birth-control. Yes their elites get wealthier at the cost of the high poverty they produce there and abroad. Even China has relaxed it’s one-child only policy as they are chocking on pollution. They helped North Korea get nuclear bombs and now hydrogen bombs! Now they’re into Pakistan who already has an arsenal of nukes (and threatened to use them on India) and China also might be helping Iran get theirs too. And China’s greed for power and growth has got them building a new canal to cut across Central America, and they also just bought 500 acres right in the middle of several top military and government bases in Tooele Utah. China has their eyes on Idaho too. Where does it end? I’m thinking of the song that goes: “It’s a small world after all”, except now “It’s a Cookie Cutter world after all” might be more appropriate!

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      The next part of what I’m going to write is about the 1995 Mexican economic development plan that was in partnership with the Chinese to develop ports in southern Mexico along with the system of inland ports with a destination of Kansas City – right smack dab in the middle of the country. That’s what struck me about the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. It’s the same plan – just in a different location. China is using a combination of UN regionalism and maritime law to violate the boundaries of nation-states. We need to get out of the UN system and kick them out of our country.

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    I don’t know how she (Vicky) does this, I have yet to finish reading and researching her last writing. She must dedicate a lot of her time to do all of this, all for our benefit. I do all I can to share and encourage others to read these. I hope the other readers take every opportunity to do the same. These writings have more information and source material in one article than I can find in gathering maybe ten sources- but they aren’t a fraction as interesting to read, nor as succinct and to the point. Or, they are written in that sort of double-talk that only a politician can decipher.

    At home, we were discussing SCANS, and how employees now require all sorts of “certificates” /America’s Job Bank scam, the whole thing-we got on the subject by mocking a commercial for one of those Corinthian Colleges that had a cute ad for a Veterinary Tech(!) I said, those positions do not require any sort of “license”, mate said Oh they do now! Everyone will be required to have a certificate, or diploma for each job, even a janitor (Sound familiar Vicky? Also- that is the article I was looking for, can you post link for reference? I wanted to show that to someone) and I said Bingo, that’s it! That’s exactly what VICKY said (you are a household name in our place)

    I saw that Jalil Abbas Jilani person on CSPAN3 last week and I thought Uh Oh- so it’s Pakistan now. Is Iran next? Remember they signed that pact, I suppose they took UN advice “join us or end up like Ghadafi & Saddam Hussein”. If anybody thinks that snuff films are no more than rumor, they haven’t watched the gruesome sadistic footage of Ghadafi’s sadistic blood lust pornography.

    On the conspiracy boards, the “zionists” Mossad, CIA, et alia (but, this is interesting & actually could be UN also, as they are the world’s mercenaries for hire are blamed for all of the conspiracies and money games in politics.Maybe they are like the bloodhounds that latch onto the scent of the raccoon and bark and bark up the empty tree that the raccoon has long abandoned. The various UN entities make their plans plain and boast of them ad nauseam on their own websites and if anyone cares to spend a few hours on CSPAN and can read through their double talk they’ll have no questions as to what is next.

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      Kristin, thank you for your kind words about my work. You let me know that my efforts haven’t been wasted time.

      This might be the link you’re referring to on the system of certificates. I’ve written about them in several places on my website so if this isn’t it, let me know.

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    Yes, Vicky thank you 🙂 ! that’s it- those “certificates” Ugh.
    (had to re-visit this article, it needs reading again, and again and again!)

    Read the following this evening on the same page as the article you posted Vicky:
    “SLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Planning, Development & Reforms Ahsan Iqbal on Thursday said that a “knowledge corridor” would be established with the partnership of Pakistan and US universities to produce ten thousand PhDs in the next ten years for the country.”

    source was the “Daily Times” English edition- lol, knowledge corridor? They can’t even make a website properly- this was on top of that news page
    “Severity: Notice

    Message: session_start(): ps_files_cleanup_dir: opendir(/var/lib/php/session) failed: Permission denied (13)

    Filename: libraries/authentication.php

    Line Number: 50”

    Anyone else have to deal with oursourced call centers? This guy claims Amazon has a “security flaw” or a “back door”. No it doesn’t. It has stupid, unsophisticated call center agents- non-American ones.

    the call center agent who compromised his account’s name was “Mahesh”. I posted a comment on that page and it was DELETED by the admin. I’m a bit peeved as all I said was that the reason this happened is not because of a “back door” but because Amazon has sub-standard people answering their phones that made this happen, it was no high tech “flaw in the system”, but a not very bright human being who gave out information that ANY body who’s used any online anything in the past ten years would know *not* to do. By the way this was the 3rd time this SAME THING has happened to this poor guy (shame on… him?) for fun read that web page describing his experience and it’s full of comments from people who have had the same thing happen to them. I don’t think all this online stuff is such a great idea after all but they keep pushing it on people telling them how convenient and great it is… anyway.

    So, this is their “knowledge corridor”??! Sounds like it’s a one way street, knowledge going one way and it’s out from USA, not in from Pakistan that’s for sure. No offense to Pakistanis, what I AM saying is that America has the best and brightest, that is what made this a GREAT COUNTRY and a RICH country. That is why we are not living in caves, or stoning people, or rubbing cow dung on our wounds. This is why we have FIRST CLASS HOSPITALS.

    “Gee, I need heart surgery, think I’ll take a flight to Pakistan” Said no one ever.

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      Kristin, check out this story about Hillary in Beaumont, Texas. She’s getting her payoffs.

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