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    Yes, the City of London is the financial centre of the world. The Vattican is the one world religious centre of the world. Satan is the non-‘god’ of this world
    Virgin Mary Land – Washington District of Columbia is the military centre of the world.

    The Pentagon is in Virginia, right alongside of Columbia’s District in Maryland – originally intended to be included in its territory. From Virginia (Latin for Virgin) and Maryland, it is not surprising that this area is really Virgin Mary Land – but that is too plain too see, so Columbia is substituted for a blind. Who would ever catch onto the idea that Columbia is the pseudonym and alias of the Virgin Mary.

    Back in earlier history of the thirteen colonies, this area was named Rome sitting on the river Tiber (now re-named), a tributary of the Potomac river. The Columban Mission (see the emblem of Columban Calendars) was that Nth America was supposed to be a continuum of Sth America. Catholic from tip to toe. The Catholic cross right through the Americas was this emblem and still is. That mission is being achieved right now, but who would want to know? So interestingly boring. Let’s concentrate on finding who the NWO elite are instead.

    The capital of Maryland is NOT WASHINGTON. That’s because Washington D.C. Has been pilfered from the State of Maryland. Maryland’s capital is Annapolis – and guess what? Annapolis Day is celebrated on March 25th. Isn’t that great? Why is that? And why was Annapolis so named? Well Wikipedia will tell you that it was named after Queen Anne, or Queen Anne style furniture. Inquisitive people with enough of the spark of curiosity to check it out and learn must be fascinated with this sheep’s clothing answer.

    I’ll give you the ‘real wolf’ answer, and you can wolf it down right now. Annapolis was named after the Catholic Feast of the Annunciation, a feastday dedicated to their Virgin Mary. Why is Annapolis Day kept on March 25th annually then? Because March 25th is the Columban Mission Calendar and Roman Catholic appointed Feast Day for the Annunciation. Now, Annunciationapolis would be both too complicated a name and too inappropriate for an American Protestant population, and too revealing of the wolf lurking long-time patiently behind the scenes. So the name was disguised and shortened to Annapols killing two birds with one stone. Good shot!

    So now we have the religious Vatican and Virgin Mary Land in the one basket instead of two, both with obelisks pointed skywards. That leaves the City of London, the financial centre of the world. The sheepskin is that Rothschild is Jewish, the wolf lurking beneath the sheepskin is that he is Roman Catholic – a clever ploy from the Vatican Bank to escape notice by appointing a Jew for the target practise while the Vatican stays hidden behind the embankment. The Jews are shot at. Anti-semitism abounds. I saw a clip on Yoitube where Rothschild was being harassed as he entered or was leaving his office in the City of London. His office surrounds of the Bank of England were of wrought iron twisted into Jesuit symbols. That symbol is of the Sun with straight and wavy beams radiating from the centre with I H S in the centre if it is circular. Where straight wrought iron is used the straight and wavy beams in cream-yellow persist. The Vatican Bank spawned the central Bank of England which spawned the Central Bank of Canada and the Federal Reserve Bank. So who is at the top of the three piles. The Vatican with its Jesuits. See the symbols to believe.

    Now the whole three charter cities of the world are in the one basket with one sovereign? And the British Queen bows to the Pope. The City of London has its own separate police force. I’d like to see who their oath of allegiance is to. One question is left. Is Washington District of Columbia part of the USA. I say it is not. So why is this place running the USA. I believe the USA is a colony of the Pope. As its underling, the Pope exploits the USA military as its commander-in-chief. Note, the Pentagon being part of Virginia is part of the USA. District of Columbia is not.

    I have often wondered why residents of Washingtom D.C. Do not have any right to vote. I asked a resident over the Internet who was unable to give her answer at the time but was very disgruntled about it. The answer was never finalised. I don’t need anybody to tell me, and after being fed a line of crap laced with fairy floss from Wikipedia earlier, I won’t bother to immerse myself into its fountain of sugary knowledge again about this. I’ll give you the answer. Residents of the US of A vote because they are residents of that currently sovereign
    democratic nation. Residents of Washington D.C. do not vote because the Vatican is its sovereign and as an absolute empire is not democratic. When the rest of the USA accedes to the rule of Washington which it is doing by degrees through UN devious covenants which it ought not have any part of, those citizens will also have no right to vote. Only the jackboot of the Vatican will they have any right to.

    That is what I call joining the dots. I’ll leave the nuts and bolts to you.

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      Fascinating! I agree with you that Washington DC is not part of this country. I haven’t finished copying over my research on the smart gird. The next chapter is this one where I wrote about the Livery Companies of London. When you understand the livery company system, then you’ll understand Washington DC.

      There are a couple more – but the above 3 are the most important

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    And of course, the City of London has a Vatican style obelisk too pointing skywards. It is called Cleopatra’s needle and was taken from Egypt to its present City of London site.


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