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    Jim Simpson

    Brilliant work as usual Vicky.

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      Thank you Jim 🙂

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    “We, the majority of the American population have been at a disadvantage because we don’t have a common understanding of history. It’s time to remedy that and it’s absolutely imperative that we do.” Just listened to some news program/show “Hear It Now” 1950/51 era on the “old time radio” lists, one of the shows was on the Kefauver crime hearings. Tammany Hall politics was referenced. People need to read about this, if they don’t have time to read, there is audio of many programs on and the

    Young people will not learn or hear about it in school, public or (most)institutes of higher learning. Libraries now only carry “Young Adult” Teen Romance, Self Help, Graphic Novels; Gaming. The best library Ive ever visited was in a tiny town of Ocean Shores, WA pop 6500, and they include the seasonals in that number, so its probably pop 3000.
    and Cooking. Libraries have removed all books printed in 1983?’or 82? and earlier, something about “lead” or ? I know it had something to do with purported health, and I recall the story about it being on the news, then a week later it was on the 3rd page of listings on search engines when I went to go look it up again, now I cannot find proof of this online easily, as the engines muddying the waters. I know this is a fact, I bet if I were to ask a librarian, they probably will contest this claim. I know, I know this is documented some where.

    they don’t *want* you to study history, or know it, or want to know it, and that is why it is made boring for children in schools (colleges too) Textbook nonsense.: It’s old, but still relevant, as the same crap is produced even today by the very same crappy publishers. It is a rather humorous site.

    This comment was not meant to change the topic at all- but I do find it extremely interesting that practically zero emphasis of US education is on history, US history specifically, Charlotte Iserbyt has her own website on this topic.

    For what it’s worth, I personally would find anecdotes from US history of interest, until I discovered channelingreality and this site, I did not find US history, geopolitics and politics in general interesting at all. Now it’s fascinating.

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      Dating back to the League of Nations and the Committees of Intellectual Co-Operation, they decided that all history should be removed from text books that could possibly cause animosity between countries and peoples. A guy named James Shotwell, professor at Columbia University was on one of the committees (also Council on Foreign Relations) initiated movement to rewrite history in the U.S. In 1934, the Commission produced a report, Investigation of the Social Studies Schools. I haven’t read it but this is when the U.S. stopped teaching real history and started teaching social studies. I found out about the report from Charlotte Iserbyt. The League of Nations and Committees of Intellectual Co-operation, I found myself when I was researching the CFR and League of Nations. btw… Carnegie built a lot of libraries in this country. It wasn’t philanthropy. It was so that he’d have a place to put his subversive internationalist materials.


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