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    Layers! All the layers- with everything we’ve done electronically, digitally, Twitter. Our phone calls, they will be watching it live, as we type, hearing what we are saying on the phone, as we say it. This was the whole thing behind FirstNet. It will all be connected- even the sanitation department, medical staff, hijabbed TSA screening agents will all have our data, interconnected with police, Homeland Security and so on- all in on this special network. You know Vicky I mentioned this maybe five years ago on a popular website for radio/HF/LF/VHF frequency monitoring & they laughed. Said oh something like that would never pass, no states would allow funding for it, let alone it sounded like science fiction. OK, now what of the people in rural locations? I think the fires in the rural areas, like in California, they make it very difficult for the same people who were burned out to rebuild in the same area. They do many different things to make it not worth the while, even if it is through denying funding options to rebuild there. If that doesn’t work then new “climate” or ecological laws in essence prevent re-population in same area. Single homes far off may be tougher to surveill, but to be honest if you’re on a smartphone it won’t matter where you are, or if you have any type of telephone or internet service.Whether you don’t mind being surveiled to such an extent someone else – no, many many other persons and groups know you’re every move, “thought” really as they can see what you are responding to negatively/positively on social networks, that may not concern some people, but it really isn’t about all that, it’s about what and how it will be utilized.


    Somewhere in this connection, then, was the statement admitting that some scientific research data could be – and indeed has been – falsified in order to bring about desired results.” Taken from Dr Lawrence Dunegan’s tapes, a real doctor who passed in 2004, I think. At the time the tapes were transcripted and published, the only thing we knew about was “New World Order”. I guess we know it now by another name, and maybe another later- Communism,. or Leftism, or Democrat.


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