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    This website is an important resource for defenders of liberty and plain, old nationalism, i.e., America the Beautiful. What a horrible mess we’re in, up to our arses in communists.

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      Gadsden Gurl

      And yet no one is paying attention!

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    On the current path we Homo sapiens are on we are surely doomed to self-destruction. Many of our controllers know that and are taking steps to control us and our behavior before the next revolutions will be able to overthrow their control (or “its” control when speaking of artificial intelligence). As of right now China is implementing a nationwide system that tracks, records, and grades your every move under a digital dystopian dictatorship. But sadly, even though we don’t all think of the “good ol U.S. of A” as “communistic” or under a “dictatorship”, we might as well be as technology takes over, the filthy rich get filthier richer, the poor get more numerous, and our population grows. Solutions? For starters control our population growth to 0 by reducing immigration by 95% into the USA (thank you Trump on the Mexican border!), and sending more birth control to the turd-worlders. Then quit wasting so much by buying a little more expensive and more durable products made in the USA (not the cheap China stuff from the $1 stores or Walmart to fill our landfills). And limit what wealth a controller (god) may own; no more $150 billion and growing fast for Jeff Bezos! And very important, START PROTECTING OUR PRIVACY! Look at us, heading in the same direction as China! Elementary kids fingerprinted daily just to get food, websites putting all your personal information online thanks to Facebook and the USA, and everyone connected to the new one world order via their spy/tracking-phones (aka I-phones). WAKE UP SHEEPLES!!!

    Sheeple Zombies:

    This is the End

    Mad as Hell

    (note: if you clicked on the above links, spy/tracking cookies were installed into your spy-device by the A.I. Google oligopoly!)

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    Wow Vicky- I’d not heard of the Metropolis Project until your writing. Of course we know- I know- others know, there is a plan to flood US with 3rd worlders. It’s apparent the UN is the head of the beast with their open borders/sustainability but they need these think tank groups to run their pet projects I guess?

    More and more Americans wising up- they’re becoming quite cynical, and I’m seeing a lot of conspiracy theories, right and wrong concerning this ugly flood of Communists demanding- Demanding!! entry into US. Why media isn’t remarking on their chant “We’re not criminals! (sez who??) We’re ‘international workers’!” isn’t that the communist’s mantra? Workers of the World, Unite!? Do most Americans realize these Central Americans are coming from the neo-Marxist bloc which includes Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala,Ecuador, Bolivia , Argentina, El Salvador, Uruguay and Brazil – & Cuba of course? I noticed in a TV interview one of the migrants first name was “Lenin”. A lot of the Hispanics in my area have these kind of names- old, Russian names like that- they’re Central Americans. Don’t forget the “massacre of 44 students” in Mexico was in reality the Mexican govt culling revolutionary upstarts, it was a revolutionary training camp in reality, not some child’s school. The students were Marxist adults.

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    charlotte thomson iserbyt

    Wow, wow, wow!!!!!!!!!!! Vicky has done more than “her” homework. She has done homework for all Americans and foreigners who know plenty is wrong, but who have been unable to put all the pieces together, including myself! I hope all newcomers to her website will join together in forwarding Vicky’s incredible research all over the world.

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      Vicky Davis

      Thank you Charlotte. That means a lot coming from you.

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    Rosa Koire

    Vicky you’ve done a masterful job at giving us the heart of the plan in a nutshell. Looking forward to the next installment!

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      Vicky Davis

      Thank you Rosa. I really appreciate that. The Conspiracy of the Mayors is on my list of things to do. I will get back to it for sure. I just don’t know when. In the mean time, I think this article will give you a hint – noting the fact that Mayor Glenda Hood hosted the meeting.

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    Karen Bracken

    To boil it down to the lowest denominator……these people are talking about UN Agenda 21…global communism…..the total control of ALL human activity. As usual Vicky you have done a great job. Such a shame people and our elected take not action.


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