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    Vicky Davis

    I just got this link from a friend. It includes information about Shanker Singham and his role in building the global empire.

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    Cash cows to be milked on dis island or de udder. If dey let dere milk down, skim de cream. Milk de cash. Splash de cash. Could dis be a metaphor – a money laundromat, innuendo, or conjecture perhaps?
    No bull, equals failure. No cream, no American dream. No cash. Plenty of bull Put-in to the venture yields success. Don’t be de-turd. What looks, tastes, feels and squishes like sloppy bull turd be careful not to slip over in, or stand in, or throw at each other. Dat could mean a laundering job if too fresh and splatty. Never mind de dry cowpats. Dat’s just de necessary by-product of de production, itself de by-product of de reproduction. Hey Presto! Look, a milk bar for de kiddies. Just dairying to say it. Dat’s all.
    Dis has been an artificial insemination of ideas, ‘cos no bull could be found to preserve de cash flow. Dis content has been laundered clean. So much laundered, only lint and innuendo, suds, metaphor, conjecture and dirty water remain, which in itself proves nothing, but explains everything. So dere!
    But also throw in the Swiss cheese safe haven banks full of mouldy holes.

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    Time is running out for us little peons in this increasingly huge, complex, interdependent, and dangerous new one-world order. Less advanced generations survived & reproduced for 1000s of years, but this will be the last. It won’t be long until the A.I. Replicating bots will conquer. We’ve just become too big for our smarty-pants britches. You wannabe Gods taking control over the billions better worry too, because if there’s a hell below we’re all going to go!

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      Well then Kenny, we won’t be having to worry about a little global warming here then, because it won’t be as hot as hell here. Hell might be a good place to holiday in winter though, because winters here are still too cold. And that’s at 27 degrees latitude.


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