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    Kenny D J

    No worry, new technology will bring more automated A.I. thought police, track all said, watch all movements, track all locations of all, and soon there will be NO secrets when technology gets smart enough to connect, download, and analyze the humungous masses of stored information from all sources. Yeah, throw those books and diaries away and put everything online to feed the electric monster. Just the NSA Super Spy Center alone, located in Bluffdale, is so powerful it takes 1.5 million gallons of water daily to cool it’s super computers. Ken Jennings won 70 Jeopardy Game shows in a row, and then Watson the computer beat him. Now all that is considered old school, and Watson has since had children named Echo, Siri, and Cortana, and they are soon to give birth to their own more advanced children. Then, they will all merge together to become the MOAB (Mother of all Blobs). Like in the movie The Blob where the creature consumes and grows until it is finally stopped by humans, only this time humans soon be able to stop the new advanced MOAB.

    Unclassified secrets from the jukebox:

    In My Secret Life

    Secret Agent Man

    I Know a Secret

    Dirty Little Secret

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    Yeah the City of London leagues- “The Worshipful Company of Horse Harnesses” I made that up, but that’s what the names sound like. Hey Vicky there’s even a “The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists,” that’s a real one. I hope some people don’t get these leagues mixed up with conspiracy theories out of this, they were, and are a needed league and serve a very useful purpose by setting and keeping standards. There is another league of German origin, that I can’t remember the name of, but a requirement of their league standing is for the young men in apprenticeship are to travel with no money, and wearing the old-fashioned garb of the league, it’s very odd and I wish I could remember what it’s called- anyway, off topic and nothing to do really with Secret Societies.

    These secret societies you mention move easily in our system not because they are deceptively secretive, but because their titles, initiatives and goals, prospectus sound very boring to most people. When they read of these initiatives it puts anyone to sleep, because they don’t understand the real goals in plain English. News outlets don’t blast about them in headlines either. The media is complicit in this. I’ve noticed “the news” whether it be your local TV news channel in Hunkabunk Arkansas to Houston, TX all repeat the same stories, even verbatim. The only difference are local fires and/or local robberies add in some human interest stories. They never, ever manage to give us information that affects our lives in any meaningful way. Your piece here AFFECTS US as citizens in EVERY WAY. It is highly unlikely the average person would read of any events regarding these investment guilds, programs and guilds. They “don’t apply to me” they think. If they do manage to hear of them, it is doubly unlikely they’d understand or grasp the goals of these projects, if they can even bring themselves to care. This is actually a compliment to you, Vicky, because you yourself manage to not only read about these plans- you comprehend them. Then, you have the human kindness to take time to translate them into “English”, rather, in to words and phrases that make sense to us, and present them to read at our leisure – all for free. As a believer in a Creator, I have no answer as to the why other than in my belief, you were sent and given this gift by God, to help us, you have been given a sort of task, in a manner of speaking, an honorable task.
    Anyway, thanks again for more great stuff. Maybe, in the future, when we are all gone, your writing will be famous and popular, just like Newton’s science which during his time- was not very popular as it is now.

    God Bless

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    Secret Society = Sedition = treason = death by hanging.

    But when I see the fasces each side of the Speaker’s rostrum and behind Donald Trump on the wall (at the state of the union address – right there in ya face), I am reminded of the sedition that brought America into being. Most all of the so called founding fathers (call no man father – priests and nuns are Babylonians) were freemasons – secret society brother cultist brethren, traitors to the throne of England. Then I realize the chickens are coming home to roost.
    What goes round comes round, and now is America’s turn for a drop of the poisonous brew. Sedition against protestant England is now being turned against protestant America.
    Many judges, that bring down a political ruling, thereby ruling America surreptitiously must be secret society freemasons.

    What happened to England then (and still going on) – well now its America’s turn to be undermined and stripped of the Constitution, freedom of religion and right to bear arms. The Congress, many of whom must be placed freemasons, continue to serve their oath of higher allegiance as such to their NWO Unknown Superior. (Unknown to them but known anyway.)
    The function of a priest called Father (like your freemasonic founding Fathers) is to penetrate all secrets says the Catholic Encyclopaedia. Also, no secret is hidden from them Ezekiel 28:3. So now you have the key to all secret seditious societies and intelligence, and espionage agencies. What chance have you got? Where now is your Presidential King to save you? He too, blow me down, is a freemason.
    America is run from head to toe by the apex or summit of the pyramid of all secret societies, but chooses the political correctness of keeping its head in the sand. Never include religion or politics in your conversation with others, and above all keep it out of the newspapers. Don’t dare get too close to the bone.
    Cop it, but don’t stop it – don’t expose it.

    In Australia, where seven High Court justices were Irish Catholic at the time, the push was on to make Australia a Republic. Just one small insignificant step was required to achieve it, we were told (propagandized). Well then why was it so enormously important to them we asked? Because it was a big step. It was countered by “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, in defence of our Constitutional monarchy.
    As the Head of State – the Queen, was not resident in Australia. They tried their hand at asking “Do you want a resident for President? ” (this would include a Moslem ‘Mossie’ Aussie.) A bit like asking, “Do you still beat your wife?” The same push was on for England to become a Republic, to depose the Queen, but all of a sudden the question “Do you want a resident for Head of State or President?” became farcical for its obvious irrelevance and transparency there.
    The Queen was a resident and the head of state.
    Something a bit more cloudy than a transparent window of opportunity was needed. That quiz could be too easily seen through.
    That is what goes on in America. Take down your sovereign landmark borders. Hosea 5:10 (ring in princes of Judah – Congress). Canada had three opportunities to become a Republic. Three times rejected. The flag change to a maple leaf instead of the Union Jack is all that succeeded. But that is just a heap of crosses for the United Kingdom inherited from Catholic pre-reformation roots still extant on their flags. The flag of British royalty is the ‘Royal Standard’ that was seen draped over the coffin of Lady Di at her funeral. It contains King David’s harp, the yellow crouching lion’s whelps (cubs) of Judah, and the red Lion Rampant of Revelation 5:5. The sceptre belongs to Judah. Genesis 49:9-10. By divine right.
    But America prefers its anti-semitism and alliance with the Vatican. A self inflicted wound deserves no sympathy. The Vatican plotters defeated themselves by expunging the Union Jack with its Catholic crosses of Ireland (broken cross) England and Scotland. The Royal Standard was never there to be removed.
    All it took to make America a Fascist Vatican Republic at first bite, was a bunch of freemasons disguised as red indians, to attempt brewing tea in the waters off Boston. Hook line and sinker – first time.

    For now, their use as a superpower is beneficial to exploit the ‘domino effect’ so other nations are brought to heel, the easy way, said to be the way of the USSR with Vietnam and the way of Hitler in Europe following the successes of Franco in Spain and Tito in Yugoslavia when what caused WWII was well under way before Hitler attacked Poland.
    The detail of how it is done is not the objective, though strategic. The objective is that it be done and won. America overturned and brought to heel, without involving any military might, as the enemy taking America by stealth is already Commander-in -Chief of their crusading armies. ‘Crusader weapon’ indeed !

    First of all, freedom of religion (they the composite strain of protestant people already had it) had to be written into the Constitution, to pave the way for Catholic immigration from Ireland resulting in Irish control of law and order through police and courts and lawyers – mainly Catholic. Control of the Courts was in their hands. When the courts bring down the ruling, using their cardinal reason of choice to do it, they surreptitiously rule the country. And we’ve seen them block Trump’s early attempts to reduce Muslim immigration through court injunction.

    Irish, Italian, Sicilian wog and dago European Latino Catholic immigration. Catholics disallowed contraception had larger families to increase voting power. Good for the democratic vote to outnumber and thereby take over the country. Next, religious education to programme the minds of those brighter children destined to become editors of newspapers to frame public opinion.

    In Australia, a Russian immigrant friend of mine told me what it took for him to get accepted.
    He filled out his immigration forms. Always there is the question what religion are you? He was twice rejected. The third time he was advised to write his religion down as Catholic to guarantee success. He did that. He was successful. He gained entry. Muslim immigration is another thing. I can only surmise it is to furnish a strong distaste of repugnant ugliness to repel Anglo Americans to emigrate. But to where? The push is on for Sharia law, and Muslim ugliness is everywhere. Muslims as Americans have the right to bear arms too. Enemies of America, illegal aliens and Latinos with 2nd Amendment rights? Another nail in the coffin?
    The grass keeps growing around the feet, and still nothing is done except advancement of the NWO. It seems its success is assured, and that it is going to be every man for himself when the time comes.

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      Peter, you seem to be unaware that the British monarchy are a heap of satanic pedos.


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