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    Vicky i almost sent you a link to a great article I had just found on another website, until I read further and it was YOUR article! THIS one.


    “History suggests that rural communities are often difficult to change because of highly entrenched political and economic structures. ” I disagree with this, their only hurdle is communities with older people who are involved in the community and local politics, the oldsters who have to go to every community meeting, that KNOW politics. As soon as our elder generation dies off, this process gets easier and easier. I disagree that small communities as a whole are burdensome for these groups, especially if they are POOR communities. The poorer ones are sometimes a boon in themselves as the citizens see ANY change as an improvement. All they have to do is mention “new” “faster” or promise carrots on sticks like “potential savings” or “faster internet”. I say this because I see this all the time. Small communities are wedges these groups use to wrench a way in, then progressively move forward into surrounding areas, then pack up and leave before the people wake up and see it was no benefit whatsoever. By that time these perpetrators are long gone, working on another city under another name.

    Small city, big city, makes no difference sometimes. Larger cities are easy because the populace is too busy worrying themselves with crime stories in the news, and has no time nor interest in community college woes. The youngsters attending the community colleges have zero interest in politics of the system.

    We JUST need more exposure to these systems, and your articles do exactly that.

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