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    DANGIT! Vicky I must have spent at least 25 minutes last week writing a comment. Went to post, and the CAPTCHA whatever thingie alerted me my security deal had “expired”. I refresh, and of course my entire comment ERASED. This was a week ago, and just out of propriety I am telling you here, as I am sure others have had it happen, but gave up (as I did, I figured it wasn’t an important comment anyway) but yes- checking out that write up on Browner was way worth it. She’s like Obama, and everyone else they hire for these jobs- nobodies, with no experience or real know how, as lackeys- lackeys that will not risk asking the REAL questions for fear of losing their prestigious job they could not land otherwise. I figured out it’s the same way they hire those TSA agents: get flunkies that have chips on their shoulders that cannot, will not identify with the individuals they are up against (in TSA’s case, the “rich, white, world travelers’) Conversely enough, I read a recent news article for our crummy city news about a wage increase for fast food workers (it’s in every town) and the entire thing was set up by some official-sounding group, NO body in the comments bothered to let on that they’d actually looked up the organization responsible? Every state has their own arm that reaches off of Center For Popular Democracy- a U.N. feel-good, Communist to the core, LGBTQ and immigrant hand holding scream and shout holding signs people. I did a web search for our local chapter called something like “Arizonans for Equal something or other- the ONLY hits that came up were for ads on Backpage dot com for “community leaders” (i.e., sign holders and shouters) the job listing was written by morons, FOR morons: LGBTQ and immigrants STRONGLY urged to apply” (capitalized words theirs) – you know, chips on their shoulders folks, who won’t read the fine print, nor ask too many questions. People who hate the rich- the ones “responsible”- no matter without the rich they’d have no entitlements, no jobs, how can the poor hire anyone? When was the last time the poor raised enough funds for the museums, or the arts council? The “Arizonans for Equal” whatsit page (apologies, I don’t want to sift through all the BS looking for the site again) spouted off some nonsense about “people deserving housing”. No mention on working for it, just GETTING it. They don’t tell them they’ll be in glorified shipping crates like animals.

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      I’m really sorry that happened. For a couple of weeks I was getting really hammered by a spammer. He didn’t like my BLM post apparently because he kept posting the same LONG comment that was just junk on that article so I had to figure out how to stop him. Capcha was one of the tools but I’ve de-activated it now. I know how to block persistent spammers now so I don’t think I need it.


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