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    “Growth” is a bad thing, for all the reasons just stated in this article. That is, the unlimited and unregulated growth that we currently have. Human nature is just too greedy and ignorant, making us (We The People) dangerous and self-destructive. The Amish instinctively are an exception to the general programmable homo sapiens sheeples. If all humans lived like the Amish we’d likely be around for 1000s of more years. But with the current rate of growth, especially with the growth of technology & WMDs, growth of debts, growth of billionaire gods and their oligopolies, growth of surveillance, growth of A.I., growth of debts and promises, growth of toxins, and growth of internet addiction, we come closer to the end of the doomsday clock each day. As far as immigrants go, we don’t need them. Sure, they built this country by killing off ½ of the natives & forcing the other ½ onto reservations, forcing blacks into slavery, and raping and polluting the lands. If you think we need refugees, immigrants, and anchors, just take the light rail from downtown LA all the way to LAX and you will see for yourself all the “diversity” which includes about 1% Native Americans and Caucasians combined. Bloods, Crips, MS13 gang bangers galore. You are dared! When the next big bubble bursts, remember that is the region where the 1992 LA riots broke out. Think about what all those millions of people will do when the government money runs out, when the billionaire gods own 99% of all the wealth, and A.I. automation and outsourcing eliminates their jobs. Until then, plan on losing more of your freedoms and privacy. Look at Venezuela to see what is coming to your hood! If you are smart you will cover that camera lens in you “smart” phone, for starters, because you are being watched & recorded right now!

    Pissed Off & Mad About It!

    If There’s A Hell Below We Are All Going To Go!

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    From your post” Where do they get off doing this kind of profiling of private citizens? Is the State Department paying them or are their communist donors paying for this kind of garbage?…”

    Vicky I had to have a look at that “Up In Arms” thing- for those who didn’t download it (please do- it’s very enlightening) here’s a part:

    “April 2015, Rural Organizing Project received a call from a local leader from rural Josephine County in southwestern Oregon. The local media was reporting that militants were maintaining an armed roadblock to a gold mine as a way of taking on the federal government. The coverage was mostly positive, explaining that the Oath Keepers, the central group in leadership, was a mere veterans’ organization..” Wha??? WHAT “local leader”? Who’s that? Who the hell, do these people think they are? World police? And you know what’s worse, I see people accepting this kind of crap as real. As in, we’re supposed to take what they say seriously.

    Thanks Vicky.

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      Vicky Davis

      I quit our local activist group because I think there are snakes in the grass. New people came in and they basically took over leadership of activism. Leading the opposition – that’s their MO.


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