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    “Shang-haied” actually was when able-bodied men, usually drunk, were kidnapped to work on ships.Pay was low, so ship captains had a hard time getting enough employees- and yes, the victims were paid in the end!
    There was indeed a white slave trade, but it wasn’t really very big. A lot of the victims were in fact willing participants unfortunately. And maybe I am old, but we still use “shang-haied” in this house, but under less oppressive forced duties.

    Vicky I think you’re unwittingly answering an itching question in my mind as of late and that is the headlines screaming about all of the unaccounted for immigrant children:

    Doesn’t it almost sound like an advertisement?

    This headline dares to address a sickening and repulsive fact about Latin-American culture

    Vicky, this is a little off-topic, maybe- but I’ve noticed along with Communistic/3rd world/i.e. “global” business practices, there also is growing a 3rd world culture in America: adults, men in suits – persons usually associated with austerity, intelligence, honor and maturity are merging into babyish, illogical, emotional morons. I see news reporters screaming insults, using foul language. I see politicians begging their constituents to make decisions based on feelings. Headlines are emotionally charged instead of just presenting facts. Are we to become another Bangladesh? And how come Americans aren’t more suspect? don’t we know to question things anymore?

    Apologies for my rant Vicky- ps- I want to share one good link from your site to a new person, but not sure which one I should choose for an opening! So hard…. everything is so good.

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      Vicky Davis

      On the children who arrive here as unaccompanied minors – yes, those thoughts have occurred to me too. They are untraceable children – very valuable commodities. (I hate to even think about this).

      The social education in the schools is teaching and rewarding emotions over logic and learning. I shudder to think what goes on in the classrooms based on what I’ve read.

      How about The Rise of the Socialist International ?

      That should be new information and I think it’s pretty well written. Or you could give her this link and tell her to read Un-American Activities That way you are only giving one link, but there are other things to read on the same subject.

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    Congratulations. You have taken minor investment comments and blown them way out of proportion in your other article. If I had the time and inclination, I would sue your ass for defamation. But as it is, I would suggest getting some professional help for your mental disease.

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      Vicky Davis

      I think your guilty conscience is showing. There was nothing defamatory about you in that article. The article did however peel back a layer to expose the corruption of the zones and the sell-out of the American people and our country.

      I think you should put a check on your ego. Don’t make yourself the star of the story when you are just a bit player.


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