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    It is in the nature of the homo sapiens to lie, deceive, and steal. It’s in our DNA, encoded survival tools programmed within us to help survive this cold cruel world. Unfortunately we STILL have not matured to the point where we can live in a civilized society for all. So no wonder our government is corrupt, just as all governments are corrupt, because governments are people (aka “We The People”). Same with businesses, cartels, gangs, and organizations that have the same winner takes all greedy genes. So with this world getting way too big and complex, much more than we homos can handle, we evolve technology into beasts to take charge. And the newest technologies include AI – Artificial Intelligence, that will soon take control of all we do. Do you think Watson the computer, “who” (who or what?) beat all of the Jeopardy Show stars years ago is smart? Not compared to what we have now, and what we have now is nothing compared to what is soon next. The new species of “life” evolving that we call “A.I” will be far superior to anything a homo can do. And just like our Mother Nature, won’t care what happens to the rest of us. Think Venezuela or any country south of our border, as millions flee the crises’ they (the people) created, flowing into our already bankrupt and corrupt government. But we never learn, and again this week, led by RINO Paul Ryan, yet another amnesty for illegal aliens is in the making, known as BSIRA – the Border Security and Immigration Reform Act. There’s another 1.8 million added to our overcrowded open-border nation.

    The average person in the USA is already recorded by cameras, microphones, spyware, GPS, RFID, and other means about 100 times per day by A.I. (aka our governments; aka our controllers). We are all connected to the One World Order A.I. Cloud which has discovered that we are all criminals now. Homos, your God can’t save you now – we have a new God known as A.I. Superbeast!

    The Superbeast (A.I.)

    Born To Be Wild

    We’re All Criminals Now

    No Church In The Wild


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