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    The elites of the world – the top 1% of the top 1% of all, continue the monopoly game of winner takes all. First they join together to get to the first 1% and then it’s a fight between each other to get to the 1% of the 1%. But those winners still aren’t done and they will do just about anything they can get away with to make it to the top. It’s the “winner takes all” mentality, while the rest of us are left at the mercy of the final winner(s), aka final dictator, god, king. And that winner an entity that could be one person or a handful of people, artificial intelligence, or a communist regime, or likely a combination of these until the final god (dictator) is determined. The current aspiring gods are worried about falling behind. Look out Communist China, cause Jeff Bezos is almost $150 Billion and growing fast! Goodbye Sears! So everyone, bow to your masters, obey them, and give them all your privacy so they can control you! Smile for the cameras!

    Will you be a survivor? Who (or what) will be the winner taking all?

    Winner Takes All



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