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    Agree with Vicky’s points.

    Now to all you fools out there. Anyone who trusts anyone or anything 100%, or isn’t concerned about privacy, or doesn’t question authority, or always relies on their “smart” devices, is just plain dumb as hell. Let’s see here, who or what is the worst monster controlling its sheeples? Russia? China? Amazon? Google? Facebook? The truth is all these will someday soon merge together with all other superpowers when they are overtaken by the new multi-eyed (all our cameras) One-World-Order A.I. Cloud, aka the super-beast child of Watson. And not even your god will be able to deal with the new A.I. super-beast god/devil we are creating. Sorry fools, but there is no hope in sight, we have already reached the point of no return.

    No Hope In Sight

    Point Of No Return


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