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    First, rape all of privacy with “smart” devices, then create A.I. to watch and control all.

    Communism is awful, but will be heaven compared to the hell being created.

    Back In The USSR

    Rage Against The Machine (A.I.)

    New World Order

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      Vicky Davis

      I couldn’t possibly disagree with you more Kenny. If you think communism will be heaven, then please move to a communist country. Communists are the enemy. I’m stunned that you could say such a thing because the environment is your big thing – and the communists have the worst record on environmentalism.

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    Vicky you misunderstood what I said, it was an analogy, I did not say that I think communism would be heaven. Why would you want me to move to a communist country when I said communism is awful? Now that said, I stand by what I said (analogously) and you(we) won’t have anywhere to move when A.I. takes control, unlike under awful communism where many have fled from for decades/centuries. Do you think A.I. control will be better? Don’t you think we are on the path to a communistic-like country with all the government tracking and spying and control? That’s what I interpreted from you in your articles. Maybe socialism would be a closer analogy? What about all the growing debts we have taking care of illegal aliens and other welfare recipients? This is all happening under our current form of capitalism (so-called) which isn’t working either. Jeff Bezos buying up and/or wiping out competitors as poverty in the USA rises, is just one excellent example of many!

    I hope you care about the environment too and don’t just take clean air, water, soil, and food for granted. If not I could suggest you please then move to mars if these things don’t matter to you, if “Capitalistic” Jeff Bezos will loan you the money (LOL!)


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