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    Karen Bracken

    The USSA is a lot closer than people realize.

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      Vicky Davis

      Yes it is. Honestly, I don’t believe we have an American government anymore. I think it’s run by the UN and contractors.

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        I think you have to go one rung higher to the Vatican. Reagan’s first port of call was to the Vatican, before Paris. There he had a fifty minute private audience with the Pope, Pope John Paul II, on June 7th, 1982. No recordings were made of the secretive discourse that went on.
        It was resolved that Reagan was to break the USSR economically, while financing the Polish Solidarity movement so that they could maintain the pressure. An arms race, that the USSR could not afford, was a waste of money by Reagan due to his strong economy, ironically brought about by tax cuts, showing illicit tax just steals from the people and cripples spending power. The Polish Pope would influence the 90% Catholic, Polish people. It was realized that the USSR could be brought down beginning with the Polish rebellion, already going on. They were saved from Hitler, but not saved in the end.
        The union of Catholic Church and State, unconstitutional, hand in hand, by mates the Pope and Reagan, was written about in Time Magazine in 1982 by Carl Bernstein as the feature article called “The Unholy Alliance”.
        This was about creating a United Europe. One step to the NWO. The USSR was brought down diplomatically. Now its America’s turn. That is the irony of it all.
        Collaboration with the Pope is a pact with the Devil.
        I believe Gorbachev was part of this pact. He to the USSR then, is like the Congress is to America today. Internal traitors. The Pope wanted a United Europe from the Urals to the Atlantic. The demise of the USSR was in reality, the unification of Europe. Two birds hit with one stone.
        America is not bludgeoned into acceptance of UN treaties, pacts, covenants and conventions, but the Congress eagerly signs and ratifies them of their own volition. This bringing of America under International law is an act of treason deposing America of its sovereignty. But as a Fascist Republic, is there really any sovereignty since 1776? Sovereignty pertains to monarchs.

        It is time everyone understood that the overt leaders and kings of the nations are ‘Shades’ Isaiah 14:9 RSV, ruling in the shadow of a covert world king called the “wicked, sceptre of rulers” Isaiah 14:5 RSV, ultimately under Lucifer, aka Satan Isaiah 14:12 KJV, but really the Virgin Mary Isaiah 14:14 (The Assumption doctrine), identified as an organization headquartered in Rome as “This is the great city that reigns over the kings of the earth.” Revelation 17:18.
        So the overt Congress, has a surreptitious, behind the scenes, unelected string pulling, unelected world king urging it to sign freely the voluntary UN legislation that undermines diplomatically and strategically, and treasonously the American nation, leaving the voters scratching their heads as to why. Well it happened to the USSR too. The American Congress was complicit there too.
        And the Pope in Vatican is bringing back the Latin rule of law of the Roman Empire to the world.
        Where Reagan and the Pope spoke of their love of universal democracy and abhorrence of totalitarian dictatorship – the word totalitarian encompasses all that is, therefore the NWO – the reality is the NWO will be exactly that, an undemocratic totalitarian dictatorship that will war on the disarmed, defenceless subjugated peoples, and shake the desolate earth with destruction creatively.

        Here is your future New World Order depicted:
        Isaiah 14:3-6. When the LORD has given you rest from your pain and turmoil and the hard service with which you were made to serve, you will take up this taunt against the king of Babylon:
        How the oppressor has ceased, the insolent fury ceased ! The LORD has broken the staff of the wicked, the sceptre of rulers, that smote the peoples in wrath with unceasing blows, that ruled THE NATIONS in anger with unrelenting persecution.
        Isaiah 14:16-17. “Is this the MAN who made the earth tremble, who shook kingdoms, who made the world like a desert [Agenda 21 propaganda] and overthrew its cities! who did not let his prisoners go home?’

        Presently this MAN does not have armies (as agreed by Marx – the Pope has no legions), but he commands the world’s armies through their commanders-in-chief. That is when the word ‘Crusade’ comes to the fore. Reagan was part of this Crusade for Satan towards the NWO, that NWO then openly espoused by subsequent Presidents from George H. W. Bush onwards.
        Are they idiots or traitors, or both? Given this can’t all be accidental, or errors in judgment, I say knowing traitors.
        Protestants returning not to mother England, but to mother church.
        Did separation of church and state ever really exist? I say yes, possibly under Lincoln and Kennedy. I won’t even mention what happened to them.



          Thank you Peter. I completely missed the meeting with the Pope. I think Perestroika, the bringing down of the Berlin Wall, the August Coup – all of it was pre-arranged and just a show for the “little people”. Negotiations for integration of policy and systems of “governance” began in 1975 when Gerald Ford signed the Helsinki Final Act. We know that the U.S. started cooperating with the Soviets on education because of Charlotte Iserbyt’s documentation on it from 1985. I knew about NED’s involvement in Poland. Poland was the first “color revolution” although I don’t know if they were calling them by colors at that point. The connection with the Catholic Church connected with the revolution in Poland makes sense.

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      The Republican United Socialist States In America. That would be ‘the RUSSIA’.
      Looks like the USSA aims to replace the USSR it imitated out of existence.
      Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – but I think it is downright plagiarism.

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        Vicky Davis

        I’m glad you think so because first chance I get I’m going to borrow your very clever new acronym! It certainly fits.



          It certainly spins a web of intrigue. It’s all yours. Spin it.



            The world has spun round. It’s dizzying.

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    Kenny worth less

    Humans are competing to control all things and everyone they can. Right now only 8 people are worth more money than the 3.5 billion poorest people. Amazon, just one of the oligopolies to rule the planet, with its god Jeff Bezos worth over $90 billion as he expands his empire by buying Whole Foods and building Amazon supercenters with promises to “create jobs” including their big new supercenter to hire 50,000. Over 100 major US cities begging them to come in and take over, even one promising to rename their city as “Amazon City”. These aspiring gods don’t care than they are destroying far more jobs than creating. They don’t care that all those jobs, many of them given to immigrants to promote growth, will soon become obsolete with technology. Camera phones (spy-phones) and store cameras will link together to make sure the worth-less human animals obey their masters. Watson the computer easily beat all the best Jeopardy contestants, and that is old school technology. Just wait to see what’s around the bend, and it won’t be with Charles Kuralt. The New World Order will soon be in the hands of Technology & Intelligent Software and humans will become obsolete obstacles.

    New World Order (Megadeth)

    The Obsolete Man (Twilight Zone)

    Your face is the New World Order’s best friend!

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    The larger question in my mind is this:

    Is “convergence” the main threat (ie, a convergence strategy hatched by Kremlin strategists to somehow destroy the West without overtly going to war with us – a strategy that had ample evidence for its existence), or is outright military conquest the main threat (a strategy of which there is also ample evidence, vis a vis Jeff Nyquist, Peter Fry, et al)? Perhaps both strategies are in place, so if one doesn’t work, the other will.

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      First let me say that I’m a Systems Analyst not a Historian so I’ve done a lot of hop skipping through history in a kind of debugging mode.

      I don’t think a military conquest was ever in the plan – at least after the U.S. joined in World War II. They didn’t need to wage military war on us. I would say they used the strategy of judo on us. “In the martial art of judo, a combatant uses the weight and strength of his opponent to his own advantage rather than opposing blow directly to blow.”

      They played to greed on the business side and spirituality (religiosity including environmentalism) on the other.

      Convergence regardless of the method is the threat because there can be no convergence – only subjugation. The system of government in the Soviet Union was based on Marxism. Our form of government was based on honor. Notice I said was. Honor in the dealings between government and the people, between people and business, between government and business and between people. We’ve lost that and are now circling the bowl into Marxism.

      I do believe that the Berlin Wall coming down and the August Coup were planned and staged events to end to Cold War – and to unleash communism (Marxism) in the west. I can’t say with certainty that the people in this country who were in on this engineering were traitors – maybe they were just dreamers but I believe they were traitors.

      I wasn’t familiar with either Jeff Nyquist or Peter Fry. I found Fry’s obituary. He was involved in Transport. My research has shown that the final run to the finish line for communism in this country came by way of the transportation sector. 1990 to be specific – and no accident with that year. That was the same year that German reunification occurred.

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