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    Freedom isn’t free, and our soldiers and many activists have risked and given their lives for it. Now we are giving it all away, in part due to our addictions to our spy-phones. Without privacy you cannot have freedom because you are always being tracked and recorded by humans and AI. You’ll have neither privacy or freedom in this new one-world-order, therefore you can’t have sovereignty because your controllers will take control of you. And you also cannot have any of it without population control. That’s because when nations breed/greed (and migrate) themselves beyond sustainability they become dependent of their controllers rather they are monopolies, nations, or AI. Besides the one-word-order, our controllers include the filthy-rich dictators like Jeff Bezos who is already worth $150 billion on his way to $1 trillion. But don’t just blame him, it’s “we the people” supporting him and his kind to wipe out all competitors. We are so lazy, selfish, and greedy, that we want our “one-stop shopping” and put our stock money into the biggest and baddest monopolies on the block. Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, and others, wiping out and consuming their competitors like the Blob loose in a movie theatre. Back to population control, for all you “God says to multiply & replenish the earth” nuts. Tell me where God said to multiply and overpopulate the earth! In all cases, and in all problems, growth without limits leads to overpopulation, and all overpopulated communities and nations either already have or will collapse. This has been proven throughout history, long before Easter Island. And guess who is next to fall, or at least on the brink? If you guessed the USA you were correct. So enjoy your last baseball game, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet, because the weight of our black hole of debts and obligations can’t hold up much longer. And ALL of our problems are being made worse by our excessive growth out-of-control! Like the song goes: “Growth, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!”)



    Winner (Amazon?) Takes All

    The End Is Near!

    Note if you clicked on the above links and thought they are owned by youtube you are wrong. Youtube is gone, and has been consumed by the Google spy empire!


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