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    Vicky Davis

    Note on this video, Hayden mentions a 37-year old and a 33-year old. That’s exactly what I was talking about referring to the children running things while the adults are on vacation from responsibility.

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      John Boyd

      1. “Brave New World”(1931), 2. “Lord of the Flies (1954)” both in print or audio-book, and, 3.”1984″(1949) film funded/produced by George Harrison watch at

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    Joseph A Olson

    Zucky and the Silicone Valley boy-kings are all DARPA cutouts using stolen

    Leader Technology scalable networking patents > Aim4Truth(.)org

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    “maybe we can begin disaster recovery by unwinding the systems designed by and for Vampires.”

    Yes “maybe”, but most likely it will be too little too late. Fools, the far majority of “Americans” (US Citizens), all connected to the new one-world order with their spy-phones recording their every move and every word. Our constitution was not written to protect us against these invasions of privacy. Guess who (or what) has control of your spy-phones? Yup, those in the photo shown above showing the dangerous CEOs and Obama remind me of an old song called “Symphony of Destruction”! But they are losing their control of their own companies by the artificial intelligence (software) they created. About 90% of Facebook is already run by A.I.A. and so are (or will) the rest. Facebook’s software assisted in almost starting WW3! A.I.A. (artificial intelligent automation) will be the final dagger in the worthiness of the homo sapiens. How many of those snowflakes imagined that the human race would be put in hell by 2 numbers: 1 and 0? Those numbers (representing on and off as binary code) now control all computers and intelligent software and will decide our fates. We don’t have much time.

    Only fools don’t think about prepping for off the grid living. The software developers of these spy-monopolies do after they find out what evil they have created.

    Symphony Of Destruction

    Judgement Day

    Point of No Return


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