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    The Lee Brown testimony is astounding! It reveals the overthrow of traditional policing and Brown is unembarrassed to state the fact that it is a fundamental change that is meant to leave behind the tried and true methods of policing for a radical change across the board that is unprecedented. Thank you for exposing what has been and is currently taking place behind the scenes out of sight to 99% of the people with this business of Community Policing. Yes, this school shooting in Broward County, Florida is a fine example of why Community Oriented Policing is all wrong. This has been an insidious overthrow of policing in America as part of the complete take down of the real America and its culture. Thanks for laying this out in a well documented way that cannot be ignored.

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      Vicky Davis

      It does indeed indicate an overthrow of law enforcement. I do believe that the “philosophy” is actually a management program – Total Quality Management in the corporate world; Six Sigma in the government and military world. It’s a logical hand grenade into a bureaucratic system. It’s designed to destroy the organization. It is marketed as being innovative, modern and a new way of doing business. It’s all BS. They knew that about 97% of the population would go along with whatever they were told to do even when they know that it’s wrong. There were experiments done in the 1960’s I believe. The professor who did the experiment was called Milgram.

      Here is a link to a video on it:

      When I went to school for programming, one of my instructors was also going to school to become a psychologist. He did a little test of me one day to see if I would question what he was saying. I did question it. That was apparently what he was looking for – to see if I would challenge what he said. After the fact, he told me that’s what he was doing.

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      Vicky Davis

      I should have said – my guess is about 97% because I don’t know the actual percentage. I do know that it’s a very small percentage of people who will challenge authority and/or will stand on principle.

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    They violated everyone’s civil rights in NOLA too under the guise of public safety w/this:

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      Vicky Davis

      That article is INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention. It needs to be front page news. The fact that James Carville is involved in it says that it is very much a political tool as much as anything despite the fact that he’s married to Mary Matalin. That doesn’t mean a thing in this context.

      The Palantir program is just one small piece of the STASI system that has been built to control people. I’ve been researching and writing for over 15 years to expose what they’ve done to our government. They didn’t just change the systems, they changed the nature and form of our government – and that new nature and form is as un-American as it gets.

      On this webpage I have a picture IBM’s conception of the Smart City. All the systems are integrated for a complete control grid – the panopticon. (Note: I added music just to have a little fun so I don’t lose my mind with grief and worry over what they’ve done to our government).


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