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    This is beautiful stuff Vicky! I also enjoyed (?? not sure if the best word…) reading the second link under the heading “Would You Believe”” which leads to your page “America’s Choice”. Rand Paul never addresses China’s owning of our debt! I personally remember the early 80s, any one could get a job- and one that supported oneself, even if entry level. I remember teenagers leaving home, getting a job at Burger King, and their own small apartment, self supporting- all on that Burger King job. And like I said, anyone could get a job, anywhere. Only the most destitute and incapable were on handouts. In the 1980s the rules for Social Security disability changed (see “UNFIT FOR WORK: The Startling Rise of Disability in America” from NPR, of all places. EMTALA rules made hospitals go under. About 100 just in California alone, large teaching hospitals that philanthropists donated multi millions in support- gone, forever. Staff blame illegal immigrants for flooding emergency rooms yet never paying the bills, and I do believe them. Vicky these are two examples, but just one of those programs is, was? enough to bankrupt this country by degrees. I do believe this was part of their breakdown plan, long ago and as you so brilliantly prove through documentation found by your studious and thorough research. Another thing I find is that with these social programs so popular today, also gone is the stigma attached, especially since our culture is no longer “American”, but a collection of separate cultures, all distinct. What’s odd- and this is just an observation, is the looks of our urban centers are all homogenized- all the same, all over the globe, yet our Chinatowns are no longer Chinese. Everything’s globalized yet people hide in their anonymous pockets.

    I hope your readers visit that link to America’s Choice- which again under your heading Would You Believe, the second link- most profound statement you write at the end

    ” The systems that are being implemented are getting more and more complex. The workings of them are behind the scenes and the people who are controlling our government have proven that they cannot be trusted to do the right thing for the American people”

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      When was the last time you and your husband took a long driving trip? Sometime you should do a cross country. What you’ll find is that from town to town, the exits from the Interstate all have the same businesses – gas stations, motels. Depending on the size of the town, there will be one exist that has the cheaper motels Super 8, and then the next exit will have the higher priced motels. On both sides of town – entering and exiting it’s the same model. It’s a cookie cutter plan. Once you start noticing, it’s everywhere. The sameness everywhere. They are building a world without creative thought. There will be just warehouses for people. They are building hell.

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      Vicky Davis

      Kristin, your comments have been rattling around in my brain. I went back and re-read America’s Choice again this morning. In 1990, Senator Claiborne Pell placed into the record, an opinion piece by Senator David Boren calling for the United States to be a “model nation”.
      (There are two ways to read “model nation”. Specifically, look at this paragraph:

      “…change the perspective of American embassies and missions to give greater emphasis to supporting our economic interests. We must recruit more people into the Foreign Service and intelligence agencies with economic skills and training. Right now, two-thirds of our embassies do not even have a commercial officer in the embassy to assist our businesses. When we do have a commercial officer, it is three times as likely that the official is a foreign national.”

      So they got rid of the diplomats and replaced them with economic hit men but we were the target because of the international boomerang system.

      APEC is an organization of regional economies – not nations.

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        I was in a US Embassy in the 90s, it’s been a looong time. & yes Vicky I noticed the homogenization creeping in some time ago- it’s about when the Walmart’s started popping up in normal/not welfare areas.
        Even in Palo Alto, CA they put in a “Grocery Warehouse” (but I think that store’s gone out of business) & built new apartment complexes- can you imagine working your way up in the world, moving to the best neighborhood in the US, paying 3.5 millions for just a 3 bed 2 bath house, and the city decides to build a low-income apartment block at the end of your street? they want us all in apartments obviously and every city exactly alike.

        On a different note- regarding the recent headlines involving mass murders- notice how they label all of these killers as “mentally ill”. They’re gonna use that to try & get a bill passed denying Americans their 2nd Amendment right. I read up to 30% of adults have been prescribed anti-depressants. That’s a psych drug. Bingo you’ve got the electronic health records already set up decades earlier, and the new interstate prescription drug “tattle tale” system pharmacies use, there’s no hiding the system. One martyr of the system:


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