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    Our nutty human race is self-destructive by nature. We the people of the United States are no different than the rest of the world. All of our democrat leaders are for erasing our borders and most of the Pubs are too except they want to call the invading armies of aliens “Legal”. “Do it the right way, come here legally” they (RINOs) say. Did you see the 1st democrat debate on TV the other night, when several answered questions in Spanish? They are all filthy rat traitors, supporting the new (communistic style) one-world order. The traitors have been trying to dissolve our country for decades and they are recruiting huge armies of 10s of millions of aliens and 10s of millions of their anchors. Next, and soon, will be the use of AI (artificial intelligence) to control our citizens as communist China is already doing there. Pray for the people of Hong Kong that they can resist the A.I. surveillance that China has installed. Turkey has a large uprising for the support of 1 million of their people being held in concentration camps in China, who were put their mainly by using AI surveillance (i.e. face-recognition).

    Las Vegas has just spent ¼ million dollars on software that records your face on all it’s buses. Additional cameras (besides the numerous cameras they already had) have been lowered to face level so when you buy a ticket at a kiosk or onboard, your face is sent directly to the police department, copies to the FBI and NSA as wanted. (The NSA center in Utah gets 500,000 hack attempts daily, BTW). Seniors must have a photo-ID card registered in the clouds and so your face can be tracked wherever you go on the buses. All have voice recorders so all you say is being sent as well. This is just another step towards the kind of control communist China has over it’s citizens, soon to become worthless due to technology.

    New World Order

    We’re All Criminals Now

    Wake Up America

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    Rosa Koire

    Vicky, thank you for this succinct and important set of linkages. As always, your research and presentation is impeccable.
    Globalization is the standardization of all systems. This is achieved by terrorizing the world with climate change, silencing dissent, indoctrinating the masses with institutional propaganda, and effectively dissolving the borders while temporarily leaving the facade in place. Your research brings it all together with the hard data.
    Thank you,

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      THE Rosa Koire! Ms Koire it was you who got me interested in this “cause”- and led me to Ms Davis research pages.

      President Trump wants out of WTO:
      and These were posted last year (?) but I myself just heard of it last night on talk radio. Notice the pro-globalist slant on all pieces.

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    Thank you for showing the truth , please send to my e mail

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      Vicky Davis

      Thank you!


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