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    I’d say that the new world order is not only growing thanks to the UN, but also due to other factors such as technology. We are connecting ourselves with ourselves with our camera phones to the new one-world order A.I. clouds, kind of like the Borg in the Star Trek series assimilating all humanlike intelligent creatures. Aspiring controllers of our world include the UN, ISIS, Monopolies (i.e. Amazon & Google), Capitalistic gods (i.e. Jeff Bezos or North Korean leader), Commies, Socialists, open-border libs, (Shopko now going bankrupt as the monopolies, armed with technology, destroy competition), and whatever entities win over the losers for dominance and control. Everything will be pale compared to what A.I. (artificial intelligence) will bring to our evolution.

    Mother Nature gives us 3 choices: Self-control, be controlled, or out of control. Just look at the (real) news of our planet and you can see the choices we are making. We need environmentalism else we will have nowhere else to live til doomsday, but just don’t use it as an excuse for the new one-world order. We need sovereign nations and our freedoms to have a chance! Pollution has devastated too much of this planet because of the pigs (homo sapiens) who live on it. .

    Mr. Trump: BUILD THAT WALL!

    YOU are the Borg!

    Lies Lies Lies (the rise of the left)

    Winner Takes All

    Point of no return


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