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    Humanity is far too big and too complex for its britches. Too many people, because the majority of people are too weak to control themselves, making humans the most deadly species to ever roam the earth when new technology is added to the equation. That’s why we are losing our privacy and freedoms to our gods (dictators, billionaires, monopolies, artificial intelligence) because we (the people) can’t trust one another, and we want things free and easy instead of intelligently planned. Who do people vote for to control us? They vote for someone promising free stuff and an easy life. They (we the sheeples) support monopolies like Amazon and Jeff Bezos (worth $120 Billion) instead of “the little guy” competitors. Cameras, microphones, GPS tracking, WiFi radiation, facial/voice recognition, all connected to the world’s internet and clouds. The monopolies (Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, NSA, Red China, etc.) own those spy rings. They take your personal life and publish it online for the world to rape you of your privacy, thus making you part of the one-world order. First world nations being ethnically cleansed of their natives (White, Christian, Jewish, Heterosexual, Native Americans aka Indians, etc.) and good way of life (so called) by open borders flowing with millions of breeding aliens with conflicting agendas. And those first world nations continue bankrupting themselves to help the process of “diversity” (aka ethnic cleansing of the native cultures). You better do what you can while you can because we are almost out of time. Before the monopoly/oligopoly gods control everything on earth, AI (artificial intelligence) will. Take that vacation, or build that doomsday bunker, but whatever you do remember that time is running out for you and all of humanity. Just listen to the music!

    Winner Takes All


    One World Connected


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