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    Good analogy, the inland port like a parasite siphoning all nutrients of the body, and in this case it will be draining the 1000s of acres, further ruining the once sustainable living and sovereignty we grew up with in Salt Lake County. What can be seen here is nothing less than tragic in the long run for the average person. And talk about expected water shortages and rationings. Say goodbye to the Great Salt Lake! The land we are talking about here has long been an important hub of the Western USA. Currently within those boundaries we have Orbital ATK, Boeing, Rio Tinto, SLC International Airport (with current $3 Billion expansion), a new Amazon center under construction, a new prison under construction, SLC landfill, 2 car racing tracks, a large gun range, Angus Beef & sheep grazing & a wild herd of Pronghorn, 300+ species of birds, a yacht club (since the 1800’s), Amtrak, CR England hub, and 1000s of other businesses and entities. On the outskirts within and near there are areas with rapid growth of foreign born and born to foreign born, especially anchor babies born from illegal aliens. Spanish businesses popping up, mosques rising, and Chinatown growing. All this is for their big plan called “GROWTH” because they want to fuel the Ponzi-schemed pyramid of winner takes all. Salt Lake City definitely is a sanctuary city and Utah has given illegal aliens licenses to drive since 1999. New and wider freeways, many miles of added light rail, and the list is long. Bangerter Highway to the airport being converted into a freeway, and another freeway 2 miles to the west will require tearing down 150 homes to finish, which is 80% complete as of now. All to be controlled by A.I. and the clouds (i.e. the NSA Super Spy Center located at the other end of the valley, Amazon, Google, etc.). Say goodbye to any privacy rights. House prices and rent skyrocketing and leading many into poverty and homelessness. Yes it is war, between those of us who want to keep this land sustainable, sovereign, affordable, and with a good quality of life, against the greedy pro-growth (with no limits) entities as described. If you want to see what’s coming, just visit Los Angeles off the beaten path. Very sad and disgusting what’s happening here in Utah. No wonder we have the largest annual Prepper Convention in the USA!

    Symphony Of Destruction

    Point Of No Return

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      Vicky Davis

      This makes me very sad Kenny.


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