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    “…allow unhampered third world migration to this country ultimately leading to the point we are now where communism is out in the open..” Eureka!

    Vicky- I am convinced beyond a doubt, ICE aka HomeSCAM Security is part & parcel of the open borders plan. “With temperatures reaching over 100 degrees on Tuesday, Border Patrol and AMO agents and CBP officers rescued a group of 110 people that were abandoned in remote ranchlands in TX. An AMO agent, who is a certified EMT, administered IV fluids.” More here (link provided by ICE) If they did NOT want unlimited 3rd worlders here, then why are they ushering them in? Why have they not closed the border? I am so disgusted.

    I myself got suckered for a minute, buying into the Republican vs Democrat false dichotomy- it’s all a big load of garbage- they are ALL intent on the same goal- unwittingly, and “wittingly”- Thank you Vicky- more brilliance from you, to clear our minds & set us to rights.

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      You are spot on Kristin. I found out about how they bifurcated our government around 2006. There are the international sections embedded within each domestic agency. The international sections report to the State Department – Office of Global Affairs set up under Tim Wirth.

      We were being invaded by Mexicans and I was working on research pertaining to the border. I know you’ve read about the La Paz treaty that created an international zone on the border but there was more to it than that. On this page, scroll down until you see Expanding Areas of Responsibility

      You’ll see information on BORSTAR –

      And then I did this one where I listed the binational working groups that I found

      And I’m so glad you commented on this because I completely forgot it – but I know there are going to be a lot of people who are interested in it. I had to go into the archives to get it:

      They did the same kind of trilateral organization for agriculture:

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    Vicky I WISH we were invaded by (mere) Mexicans – it would be an improvement! We’re invaded by Central Americans. Americans just see them as “brown” but they are as different from Mexicans as Americans would be from say, the British- or Poles. These Central Americans are almost all illiterate and have MARXIST sympathies: Cubans burn migrant center- chanting We Demand Our Rights! (what rights?? what do Cubans from a communist state know of ‘rights’??)

    That our ICE is taking heroic measures rescuing diseased, criminal fighting age young men migrants in the middle of the desert, giving these men complete health check ups and care, and RELEASING them into our population tells you what their goal is! WHAT is it that people don’t get?? Same as I “didn’t get”- until I remembered your research, and I woke up out of my coma.

    God bless, Vicky.


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