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    Re: this and “Green Communism”- please look up Dr. Carlos Perez, Director of SEL & Community Programs- “Dr Carlos Perez is the Director of Social and Emotional Learning and Community Programs. The importance of social emotional learning can have a significant impact on your child’s education.” I agree! I agree whole heartedly that “social emotional learning” has a significant impact on my child’s education, so much so that it interferes WITH my (had I one…) child’s education. Vicky I got this in the mail from our local school district. Apparently, the public schools are indoctrinating students with these buzzword worthy questionable “training” it is so bizarre. “PBIS” Positive Behavorial Interventions and Supports” I have no idea what that means or what they’re teaching children. I doubt they’ve hired licensed child psychologists in each and every class to go over this kind of thing with them. No wonder our children are so under educated! I would love to investigate this man, this “doctor” Perez person. By the way this is in Maricopa County AZ, city of Phoenix. I imagine most if not ALL US public schools are implementing this weirdo stuff. parents beware.

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      Vicky Davis

      I will look up Carlos Perez. Thank you for the info. I’m working on how these marxist/communists infiltrated and took control of our schools. I do know one part of it – international associations that certify and accredit.

      We no longer have institutions that educate. We have institutions that indoctrinate and destroy.


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