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    As a devout environmentalist and very anti-growth it makes me sick to hear all those people and corps claim how good they are on the environment when their real intentions are to destroy it for more growth (aka: greed; profits). I’ve watched this state of Utah being ruined for decades now. More people starting more wildfires, dumping more oil and toxins into our crumbling infrastructures, graffiti being sprayed on the canyon walls of our National and State Parks, and the list is long. Illegal alien gang members still moving in and setting up shop. Incompatible cultures moving in to drain our funds meant for our own retirement, health, and children’s future. Farms, grazing lands, wetlands, and other open spaces being paved over by the many 1000s of acres per year just in Utah. Start at the new huge Amazon distribution center at 5600 west by North Temple and drive the frontage road on the north side of I-80 to Saltair and you’ll see many signs for future development as well as many cranes in the distance. A new prison, a new inland port, a new train manufacturing plant (Stadler), a $3.5 billion airport expansion, and more. Drive on other roads in the area (and much of the state) to see similar. All those lands were once used for hunting, grazing, and wildlife management before. Next to them sit one of the largest waste dumps in the USA where around 2 billion tons of tailings waste came from the nearby Kennecott mine, right next to the small mountain of trash at the SLC dump. The Lee Kay shooting range probably won’t last much longer. Last year was the end of the Rocky Mountain Raceway so more foreign investors could scoop up the property for development. Also nearby are 5 oil refineries (Chevron had 3 oil spills there recently), major polluters like Magnesium Corp of America spewing toxins across the lake, 3 Boeing plants, and much more. The Salt Lake Valley already is one of the most polluted metro areas in the USA and the new inland port with all the added diesel trucks and trains will only make it worse. Sure, they’ll put all kinds of new regulations and environmental restrictions on all of us again, but with all the rapid growth it won’t be long before we’ll be like Beijing China and have to wear masks just to survive. But don’t worry, be happy, even though we are on the brink of a major collapse. A biological virus? Computer virus? Grids go down? EMP? The list is getting longer (and more likelihoods) by the hour!

    Really, things overall are NOT getting better for the far majority of our species and for all species, except perhaps germs.

    GROWTH example:

    Doomsday Clock update 2019:

    Cameras for Communism:

    Eve of Destruction:

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      Vicky Davis

      That sounds horrible. In fact, it sounds like somebody is waging war on Utah using environmental damage as the weapon.

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