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    Oh Thank you, Vicky for this. I did read the piece on Amitai Etzioni, written by the brilliant Edward Younkins. Now I “get” Alexandria Ocasio Cortez! Here’s Younkins description of Etzioni: “… he barely discusses communitarianismwithin its philosophical traditions. Instead, his sprawling, inconsistent, andintellectually deficient writings are pragmatic and aimed at an audience of activists and policy-makers rather than intellectuals. “That’s Ocasio-Cortez and all like her- activists, change agents, policy makers, none with a double digit IQ.

    OK- about data- this is what happens when things get “aggregated”: “UCSD’s EmPower study focused on the health outcomes of women with HIV and AIDS based on the frequency of care. Researchers teamed up with Christie’s Place, a nonprofit that supports women with the virus. Seven months ago, study leaders discovered that delicate information, including audio-taped conversations with participants, was accessible to all Christie’s Place employees. The researchers were also told that the facility used the study participants to pad their patient numbers, which would mean more money from the government. A spokesperson for Christie’s Place denied the latter allegation.”

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      Vicky Davis

      I haven’t read anything that Etzioni has written. I’ve read some of what Niki Raapana wrote but not much. I don’t need to read about communitarianism to know that it is a philosophical cover story to justify/explain the all encompassing nature of the totalitarian system of control that’s been built. IT systems are perfect for totalitarian control because by their very nature they centralize control even when the systems appear to be distributed because of how the Internet functions. With all of the data aggregated in the background, they have everything they need for totalitarian control. The philosophy of communitarianism – community before individual is required so that the systems of control can be changed at will.

      Etzioni is like the proverbial Judas goat teaching the morons that Satan is good guy and Jesus is the bad guy therefore go the way of Satan and enslave your fellow man.

      I’m not surprised by that story of the data/privacy breach. The government is funding a lot of “social jobs” providing support services to people. Maybe gathering data is actually their real job. The entire U.S. population has become lab rats for medical science thanks to the design of the health care system – lab rats collectivized into one big communitarian herd.

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        Vicky- US veterans being used as lab rats:

        “Misconfigured” website to blame on data breach affecting over a million patients?

        I really wonder if these are bonafide “errors”, or planned breaches.


          Vicky Davis

          There is nothing like a good crisis to bring in more money. How many events have we seen in recent years of things that shouldn’t have happened – but did happen and in many cases, right before budget time.

          The health care system – nationalized medical records was designed for medical research. It’s something that is so obvious to a systems analyst because there is no way to justify the expense otherwise.

          I did a couple of stories on the Phoenix VA Hospital but I can only find one. The woman who was managing it was in no way qualified to be managing it. What I found out after I did that story was that the VA hospital was buying a lot of renewable energy credits because the government requires agencies to use renewable energy when it is available. Once energy produced by a renewable source (wind,solar, etc.) hits the electric grid, there is no way to tell what the difference is between electricity generated by a bulk power utility company and electricity produced by a windmill so they came up with a system (third party energy service companies) that keep track (allegedly) of the production of renewable energy and they issue renewable energy credits for it (subsidies to help build out the system). Of course there is no way to audit the system so they basically has a license to print money. Yet another government racket.

          Here is the article on Sharon Helman:


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