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    This is very disturbing to me! This is part of the new interconnected one-world order. I don’t want anything that is WiFi, smart, or intrusive into my (deteriorating) private life. To me this is like communism, only worse. Why the heck can’t we take care of ourselves? Technology is not only being used to take away our privacy and freedoms but it is also harming our health and the health of our planet, as well as making us homos worthless entities. What good are we when A.I. software, robots, automation, and other technology is taking our jobs and our need to do physical or mental chores?

    So then since we are heading to becoming worthless beings we bring in anyone who can successfully illegally or legally cross our borders, by the millions per year, thanks to Democrats, RINOs, Leftists, and other worthless “Americans” (U.S. citizens) who either want them to come here or don’t care and/or refuse to do anything about it. We are being invaded by armies of alien invaders and those lefties want to make Trump look bad since he is (was?) the best politician ever when it comes to immigration control. They (traitors) refuse to help him control the aliens, and yes he is giving in to more growth of high-tech aliens which is wrong.

    I definitely know that this planet is overpopulated. But not because there’s not plenty of land or other resources, but for the reasons stated in Vicky’s article: “The people in the third world countries were breeding like rabbits and they were destroying their own environment like swarms of locusts devour all vegetation” which is a fact. And they still are! True it’s not the fault of the hard working people of the industrialized countries for the most part – especially Americans, but still they are to blame for bringing in armies of illegal/legal immigrants and refugees. The difference between now and 100 years ago is back then people would come here to work, but now most are coming here to take advantage of our social benefits. So many of these people are bad. Many are litterbugs, bad drivers, rapists, gang members, graffiti vandals, polluters, terrorists, murderers, fraudsters, and the list is very long. Many secretly just hate us infidels. So we are overpopulated with bad people, and we already have plenty of good people out of the 325 million plus living in the USA today. Why bring in more? Because Whitey can’t afford to take care of a lot of kids? House prices too high? Healthy food too expensive? Medical care to pricy? Taxes to pay for welfare to immigrants too high? No problem, just print and borrow more money to bring in millions more aliens, that’s what we the people are doing! While our infrastructure goes to hell. While 1 in 8 species on earth are getting closer to facing extinction. While our food is no longer food quality due to massive non-natural additives and chemicals. We are one of the fattest and malunrished nations on earth, if not #1.

    Yes, terrible, “Third world breeders are being imported to destroy our environment and the U.K. is going to save us (not so) by decarbonizing our economy”. We don’t need them, the breeders or foreign intervention! We can and should regain our sovereignty and take care of ourselves! (Good for Trump on tariffs, but not on growth!) We don’t need any more growth! Why live like communist China at 1.3 billion camera-controlled faces? Our 320+ million is way too many because we have way too many scumbags living here and coming here, and we already have plenty of good people! So, why not reduce all immigration by 95%? We should! Sure, if everyone was good, then I would say we are not overpopulated, but they are not and we are! And keep the high-tech people out so they can stay in their own countries and make them better instead of terd-world hellholes.

    As far as Donald Trump goes: there are NO good politicians! That is because we the people are divided on too many issues, so to be elected you are always damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I like Trump better than most of them because his stand on immigration and islam and a couple other things, but it’s we the people (mostly the lefties and RINOs) who are to blame and demanding he and others do the wrong things. So yes he like all of them has his flaws, but who else will stand against the alien invasion? The demonCRATS?. It’s all part of the new one-world order communistic A.I. clouds, meaning that soon we will all be run by automation anyway, like 95% of FaceRape (aka Facebook) already is. I’m not disagreeing with Vicky on the negative things about Trump, since I haven’t done my research I assume she might be right. I’m just saying look at the others (i.e. as Vicky says: Bush).

    So Vicky and I have a few differences or perhaps it’s just that we see a few things differently, but who doesn’t differ with everyone on something? But I can see we are pretty much in agreement on most everything in her (this) latest article. And to the rest of you technology controlled puppets out there submitting to and obeying authority instead of questioning it, just wait until an EMP pulse or virus or something else brings down the WW grids. Where will you be when your spy-phone (aka I-Phone) goes blank? You’ll be walking around like zombies in walking dead movies, helpless, worthless, out-of-control creatures. In the near future, A.I. will know that too about you all.. Your god, no god, will help you.

    Symphony of Destruction:

    Grid dependent texting zombies:

    World Destruction:

    FUN FUN FUN (NOT!!!)

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    Vicky I am concurring your findings on President Trump. I once opined his hands WERE tied, that he was held over a barrel. I still believe that- but also am seeing him embrace the foreign workers plan.

    “Technocracy was founded, they didn’t have the capability to implement a system like that. Today with the Smart Grid and computing technology they do” This is so important, there are SO many- so many! seemingly innocuous details in our lives, that in themselves seem rather insignificant but altogether will be chained togather- such as the Smart Meters, our smartphones, even the garbage men will have access to our entire digital life and goings on in real time, thanks to the FirstNet intercommunicability program. “See something, Say something!” Vicky, do you remember that murderer shooting spree kid Nikolas Cruz? A lot of people DID “say something” – to the tune of over three thousand calls and communications to law enforcement and FBI- real, credible fears- his own mother called & warned FBI this kid was going to kill someone. ” CNN. Just five months ago [before the shootings}, he stated his aspiration to become a “professional school shooter.” < People DID see and say something- & what did law enforcement do?

    Vicky I re-read this piece & I think it is the most concise, robust & informative post there is on the current situation and it's all in a nutshell. This is what got me reading: "Oh yes, then I remembered. Homescam Security is busy down at our southern border helping the illegals to get a ride to their new forever home in the United States. We have such a wonderful and giving government – giving our country to third world illegals while treating Americans like trailer trash…..: The public believes ICE job is to keep out illegals. It isn't- it's simply to PROCESS them. Get them in the system. They don't turn anyone away. They scare off some scum but it's a few persons per day. They are spending a lot of tax dollars at the border with all sorts of IR and telescopic cameras, radio systems, and manpower. I hear them over my scanner & their goings on. There was an article about an ICE agent who made disparaging remarks about illegals, and I believe fired for it. People can't speak their mind. I don't know if he actually did anything against the law, but he was terminated based on his opinions. What's going on with our American citizenry, that they embrace the policing, and damning of an individuals opinions? So much so to have them lose a career? Yet Muslims have pretty strong opinions about gays and women, and Jews- oh that's ok. "What in the world could the American people have done to make our government turn against us like that? " Indeed!

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