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    This world is getting way too big: too complex, too automated, too dependent on government, too interdependent with other governments, too greedy, too selfish, too anti-privacy, and as a result of all these: too self-destructive. Just last night there was a nationwide computer glitch at major airports causing massive delays. The new area 51 (Utah West Desert) reportedly installed 4 new germ warfare development facilities. 100 cities are begging Amazon to move in their new super-oligopoly distribution center so 50,000 jobs are created, with disregard on how many jobs and other companies will be eliminated, and the fact that automation will eventually take most of those new jobs. And think about it, all the crimes all of us commit daily, rather it be going 1 mph over the speed limit or what. With all the new surveillance being installed everywhere we will find that we are all criminals now

    We’re All Criminals Now

    World Destruction

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      That’s why I called it a war machine because when all the evidence is considered, it was intended to destroy us.

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    My take: – Sounds like a bird trap.

    Thoroughfares are the traffic flow circulatory system of a country. It seems to me, that is being set up for go and whoa – freedom of movement and instant constriction. On the ‘Boa’ highway, they’ve got you where they want you, by the jugular. Computerised cars can be stopped remotely, locked, and possibly even made to steer over a cliff, or slam into a rockface if authorities deem it desirable to jettison a citizen.

    These ideas began incipiently, to take control of a jet out of the hands of an airline pilot being forced to comply with terrorist demands. The plane could be hijacked remotely out of the hands of the pilot to disable the terrorists threatening the pilot to comply.
    Then came the awareness that this could be applied universally even to cars, not to control the car, but to ensnare the driver, but under the guise of ‘safety for all’.

    In my experience, computer systems sometimes have to be manually over-ridden, because of their stubborn inflexibility having no intellect. They are programmed by intellectuals of limited capacity unable to foresee the foresight needed in some circumstances.

    Brake failure can still occur in a truck remotely controlled running at speed into the back of you, as you see the approaching fate in your rear view mirror, while stopped dead at a red light by law, rigidly computer obeyed. But without the remote computer system control, a human will manually over-ride the law intelligibly and ignore the red light standing between life and death of the occupant – and work his way out of danger, driving straight through it to safety, if no cross traffic is present, to avert the danger. Life prevails, especially its preservation.

    Under the gridlock systems being developed in the USSA, one could not do this. One’s only chance is to get out of the car and run clear of the threatening event. The traffic is at standstill stopped by a red light, so a sane thing to do.

    This would be the way to manually override the entrapment of a computerised system of constriction of freedoms. But that is the moment when the ‘flicker of intelligence light’ switches on, that you realize that the car door is computer locked and will not be unlocked, and that you are the ‘fall guy’, moments before the final cataclysm that ends your life.

    Having said that, it is to be hoped that the loaded truck driver, will take matters into his own hands. He knows the remote computer system cannot solve his hydraulic brake failure problem, they are that useless. Too late for gear braking, he could attempt to steer around the poor unfortunates he is about to terminate the lives of, and slam it into the red light itself, or convenient government infrastructure if he is a quick enough thinker, but that is when he finds that even the steering is jambed – to stay on the road like a well behaved train on rails. His only recourse that remains is to derail the system by throwing himself out of the truck and let the truck damage as much of it as possible.
    But that’s when he too finds that he cannot manually over-ride the remotely locked door.
    Just another fall guy.

    Everybody on the scene gets squashed. Nobody is held responsible. The system undermines any escape routes. The system is above reproach. The system is not a person. The brake lines are cut, sabotage to murder the driver. The mechanic is innocent. The system did not cut the brakelines, but made sure the animated brake failure purpose was effective. It prevented innocent and otherwise doomed men from doing something to save their lives. Manslaughter.

    A system, ivory tower controlled, to constrict or garotte the victims incapable of manually over-riding it.
    I call the sabotage, murder or attempted murder at the least. But the system in such a case in the final verdict is guilty of manslaughter when it ensures the inescapability of death caused by mechanical failure or sabotage.

    You ask: – How do you prosecute unprecedented crimes?
    The answer: There is nothing new (unprecedented) under the sun.
    Even the plurality of the word ‘crimes’ tells of many repetitions precedent.
    How to prosecute? Maybe ‘kidnap’ by virtue of the fact one has been detained within one’s car against one’s will, by an unidentified nominal defendant esconced in some authoritarian governmentalcase ivory tower heartless persona non grata.

    Key words: Boa, constriction, jugular, garotte.

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      Missing: Short and curlies.


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