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    Vicky do you recall a pdf I think I sent you yrs ago, it was titled something like “our employment future in ten years, if everything goes right” it contained an image of a pyramid- focusing on the change of jobs in US. All “work” was to go overseas/3rd world, and all R&D was to stay here (or start here) in other words, no more industry in this country- they called that progress! I know of an empire that is long extinct based on that very goal, it was the Ottoman Empire. Anyway, what I’m thinking is that this COVID lockdown was to start the impetus, to set the stage for “smart jobs only”. What do you think.

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    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the COVID thing is the kick-off for the global reset (economic system of the world). When our economy crashed they figured out (don’t know why it took a crisis to figure it out), that having all the manual labor go overseas leaving all the R&D work here. That was stupid considering that only about 5 % +- of the population can do those high end jobs.

    I have this report that has a pyramid of the planned composition of the labor force. See page 8. I don’t know if this is the report you’re thinking about. I do know that you didn’t send it to me so you might be thinking of a different report. If you can give me a little more information, I can search my hard drive. I keep almost everything.


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