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    Rosa Koire

    We are in a state of emergency, just not the one that our Fascist government has identified. The emergency is the manipulation of, and the reduction of, the population of the world. Crimes against humanity are in the eye of the beholder. Those who are driving this open ended experimentation on the building blocks of life are guilty but, if we allow this to move forward, will never be brought to justice. We cannot rely on future adjudication to deal with the horrifying power that men are granting to themselves. We must refuse to cooperate with this plan—it is beyond the issue of life or death for a generation: the course of human development and expression is in the hands of power-driven corporations.

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      Vicky Davis

      I’ve been working on the G7 pilot systems for the global information society. One of the systems is global health. I think they all knew that with global systems and with medical records available on everybody, they knew – and planned to be able to use the entire population (at least our population) for human experimentation – “new medicine” nanotechnology and DNA modification.

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    Oh my goodness Rosa Koire! I was schooled on Agenda21 by your videos gosh, years ago- years. Very inspiring, very informative. Vicky- the Mark Windows “Windows on the World” show was an eye opener, I was unaware of the plans to alter DNA. I still feel the other guest, ex BBC journalist Alan Pearce, is clueless and doesn’t really grasp the whole tech tyrannical aspect: “Why do people believe lies so easily?” I found this browsing the internet, I like how they say it so I will quote it: “They don’t have a clue”

    When the government claims that e.g. there will be a surplus of 100 billion after taxing the rich, we need to know two things to understand this statement:

    a) How much are 100 billion, really? b) Whom does the government call “rich”?

    If you don’t have the slightest clue about the fiscal budget, if you don’t know how much the government has to spend on this and that, then there’s no way to know whether this amount is small or big. Also, the government does not tell you who is supposed to be wealthy, but they ensure you large amounts will come in when taxing wealth. It is easy to believe this easy promise if you don’t know much about statistics, state expenses and government budget” (source- That’s really it, the masses are convinced COVID is this fatal flu that we should fear, that those without masks are unpatriotic, not doing “their part” & putting everyone else “at risk”. Even on a popular knitting website/forum there are several crazies ranting and shaming those who “irresponsibly causing the virus to spread!” the crazies know no bounds, they are made of the same stuff as the kooks who assault innocent strangers who aren’t donning that robber’s mask.

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      Vicky Davis

      What Pearce was engaging in is “invincible ignorance”. How do I know? He writes articles and books about the dark web. Anybody who knows and can write about the dark web certainly understands the “top side” of the web that is available to all.


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