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    I so appreciate your writings, just found you, not even a week ago. The more I explore your, spot on. You’re in my favorites for sure. Wish I could support you, and this site. But unfeasible. So I write this to express another way. Prayers of a healthy spirit and a wealthy soul, begotten those whom shed light in dark places, so to those, Creator is present. And working. I needed this exact info. Spirit led me to your writings. The unfolding of divinities synchronizations astound me and I acknowledge it’s special nature. Again your writings and perspective are A+.

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    eGODvernment INDIA
    DIC Digital India Corporation

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      The civilian economy has two components: manufacturing and services. Services includes any job or profession that is not manufacturing. The three corporations that pushed for Trade in Services in the Uruguay Round of trade (1986-1994) were Citigroup, American Express and AIG. All three of those corporations are in the business of information and information technology services are their primary cost centers. Those three corporations colluded as a syndicate to include Trade in Services in the Uruguay Round. James Robinson then CEO of American Express traveled to India to lobby for India to sign on to the Marrakesh Agreement which was the conclusion to the Uruguay Round and resulted in the establishment of the World Trade Organization. Robinson sold the Indians on the idea that their most valuable resource was their population – their workforce – thousands and thousands of comparatively cheap labor workers for information jobs.

      The Uruguay Round of trade established a borderless world for commerce including both components of the civilian economy. In other words, our illustrious, traitorous senators voted to allow the world to make war on the American people via our economy. That’s war in the context of everything else.


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