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    Vicky your pieces of US Health care are my favorites. I don’t know if you’ve experienced insured health care recently- it’s TERRIBLE.Pathetic. An appt with an MD (if you’re lucky- & not an appt with a PA or NP) the MD does absolutely nothing but refer you to labs- a 3rd party laboratory, and if your numbers don’t show anything remarkable, your complaint(s) are invalid. Period. Who oversees lab results?

    “Everyone assumes lab results are correct. For Kenneth Drew, the results showed he had HIV in 2011. By the time he found out the lab was wrong, his relationship with his wife was badly damaged. The Alabama couple separated, both distraught about the diagnosis ” Hidden Errors

    I am not buying recent lab work I had done – & infuriated with my crappy Cigna health plan. Example of today’s managed “care”: you dial an 800# to set an appointment (with a call center, not the actual medical office- a total stranger who knows nothing of you or your medical history or complaints, but WILL hear your private information, and has access to your reason for making the appointments- mind you, this is just a call center worker, NOT a nurse or medical professional) they then set up the appt in the system. Another “system” has your software, and the MD (NP, rather) sees you, does nothing- gives no advice except for the most rudimentary “” platitudes- enters your complaints/reason for visit into a Software Program- now they are on the Dr’s smartPHONES – and has you do lab work. So, with the lab, the software, and the call center kids, who all has my private data?? Everything is done “cafeteria buffet” style – you shift to the next platter, and then on and on in a line, never just one chef, never just one private cook. Oh I forgot the best part, when your lab results are in, a call center employee calls you with the results! NOT a medical person- a kid or dropout hired at a phone bank to give you the information. How long til India does that job that right now Americans are doing? I am so disgusted.. it is SO completely changed from 2007, when I had major treatment & saw ONLY my own private doctor in HER office, and dealt only with skilled nurses in the oncology dept. The care given was with “love”, if one can call it that, and very private, personal. Now it’s so very clinical- and “managed” and terrible. Utterly rotten.

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      “everything done cafeteria style” – line up and get your tray with your pill on it. That’s the model of the Russian health care system. Mass appointments.

      From your description, it sounds like I was right about how the system would work. I’ll bet the facilities are beautiful though right?

      The reason that just do lab work is because they are moving to a system of care that is chemistry based. If they don’t pick up anything in your body chemistry, then as you say, your complaint is invalid. Nurse Practitioners and PAs don’t have the education to diagnose anything but a broken bone or bleeding. If you get a cut, you’re good. If you have something really wrong, you’re SOL.

      It’s evil because the purpose of it is applied genetic research – not health care.


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