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    “. How could it be that the public health workforce is 80,000 in deficit – unless there are bigger plans underway?” Exactly. This smacks of what the Covid thing was all about. You know, I don’t even think they (whomever “they” is?) planned Covid specifically, I think they would have chosen ANY illness, any straw to grasp, because if not that would mean someone, or some entity created Covid FOR this whole “plan” and that is so far fetched. Who knows? PS off topic but the entire world is not aware of TQM or “community policing”. Two interested persons on Facebook asked me to elaborate on it so I mentioned you and GovernAmerica and sent some links. I hope your show with Darren gets more audience, I listened to it streaming on Google podcasts thru one of those smart speakers (Nest) and Vicky I would probably have not heard it otherwise.

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      Vicky Davis

      Thank you for your comments Kristin. As I understand the plans for “community health”, the public health workers will become the gatekeepers – primary care traffic cops deciding who gets what care by what provider and as a consequence, who doesn’t get care. The primary care gate-keeping function is a social (behavioral) control mechanism. In other words, they are going to try and manage your life.

      “Community” is a label for a strategic package of programs that when combined, reveal a communist system of management over the people within a region. Just do a search on my website for the word: Community You’ll find more than you ever wanted to know about Community.

      I found an excellent description of Total Quality Management (TQM) when I was researching the Global Pollution Prevention Act. On this page, you’ll see a video of EPA Deputy Director Hank Habicht giving a description of TQM.

      Essentially, it forces corporations to plan for recycling the products that they sell before they even begin to manufacture. If you look up circular economy, I think you’ll find a description of the idea for the economy at large. One of the most graphic and disgusting examples is the idea of water recycling – toilet-to-tap. Enough said on that.

      Thank you for telling other people about Govern America. We don’t just talk about the current political hot topic. We talk about things that interest us – and that we hope interests other people. For example, I’ve been researching the history of how our country got into the mess it’s in for a long time and both Darren and I like to talk about that among many other topics of course.



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