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    Vicky this post is six years old today- & I think it will go down in US history as a legitimate reference to the Benghazi “bamboozle”. I am curious as to whom it was exactly that put a STOP to this- that is, the “liquidators”? Was it Libyan patriots? Super secret USA enforcers who were not in the “system”? System- meaning, not part of the new US global govt paradigm?

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    Vicky Davis

    I would only be guessing but if forced, I’d say that it was Libyan patriots. There was a proposal being pushed by Qaddafi’s son to allow the establishment of a zone in Benghazi.
    Qaddafi was opposed to it and I’m sure that’s why he was murdered. Recently, I saw a road map plan for North Africa. The road went across North Africa in an East-West direction. Benghazi being a port city was of course on the route. It was also planned for Benghazi to be the home of the replacement Libyan government (technocrats I assume). The road map plan was published by UNESCAP. It would be a leg of the global transportation system – not specifically mentioned as part of China’s One Belt One Road (at least as I can recall) but implicitly part of it as the global transportation plan. (transportation plan includes medical facilities – in particular emergency rooms).


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