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    Not sure if it is not relevant to your latest Vicky- but I noticed you didn’t mention PEPFAR (“Benghazi Bamboozle” : “The program that George W. Bush authorized was PEPFAR – President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. It appears to have been passed in the 108th Congress, H.R. 1298 with the title, United States Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Act of 2003. It became Public Law No. 108-25 If you look at the media coverage about this legislation, it was supposedly a humanitarian endeavor – providing medications for people with AIDS. That wasn’t true. That was the cover story. The PEPFAR program is about a computer system – a global computer system: Global Health – medical care via telecommunications, logistics for the delivery of vaccines (containing God only knows what deadly pathogens), etc.” So I guess the new Trojan Horse for today will be COVID then? considering hardly anyone’s talking about AIDs these days. All this globalist stuff – reminds me so much of that Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man” remember that one? Martians come down, solving ALL the problems we Earthlings have to deal with- world hunger, crop failure, disease and wars. Vicky you remind me of the character in that episode-she’s a scientist or researcher? anyway, last moments of the show she is shown trying to chase down a scientist colleague before he boards a tourist spaceship to Mars- to alert him the bible To Serve Man the Martians are using is no how-to book but in actuality a cookbook.

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      COVID will be much more useful to them than AIDS. AIDS primarily effected homosexuals. COVID supposedly effects everyone including children. There is no reliable test for it. They can claim that anybody has tested positive and they must be isolated or quarantined. It will be useful from a political point of view because of that. Whatever is in that DNA-modifying cocktail, it probably will have a bad effect on people with underlying conditions – especially the elderly. As I see it, COVID is a great tool for a population purge. That Twilight Zone episode is a perfect analogy for how this diabolical scheme is rolling out.

      On PEPFAR, yeah – I’m not finished with this subject yet. Doesn’t it strike you as anomalous that right after 9/11, right after the stock market meltdown, the congress would pass a piece of legislation like PEPFAR? The keyword is EMERGENCY. You are right btw… it was about a computer system – global health. I have to check this but I think the legislation to add a drug “benefit” to Medicare passed at around the same time – 2003. If I’m right on that, I don’t think it was a coincidence.

      I do feel like it’s a losing battle. Communists won but I don’t know how to quit.


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